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High School Students

Hunterdon Central High School Cross Country Team

Hunterdon Central High School Cross Country Team (Race at Deer Path Park) -- Click for larger image above (HCRHS MensX-Country - PDF).

Hunterdon Central "The Lamp" (10/19/1979) Cross-Country Running Times that reflect the team in the men's video below (the picture above is from a later date)--PDF

Hunterdon Central "The Lamp" (12/14/1979); Girls Cross-Country Team & Mens--PDF

Athletes: see the "Whole Health Tab" & Rebound-fx (a healthier energy drink)

High Schools Students Lose More of Their Rights (1957 vs. 2009)--PDF

Drago Backpack

Attention High School and College Students: Pelican Cases designed specifically for Travel (Elite Luggage) & Carry-on Backpacks that will hold up to the abuse students put their backpacks through at school. Body Armor -- nano-particle technology (100x stronger than steel), good for security work, Police and so on. They make bullet proof backpacks.

Hunterdon Central High SchoolNews Flash for Christians at Hunterdon Central High School (2017)

Allegations of discrimination made by Christian students at Hunterdon Central High School (HCRHS) in Flemington, NJ who are trying to start a club called Youth Alive. Since there are over 40 students who want to start a chapter of Youth Alive, the school is obligated by law to accomadate. Students should contact the following law firm/firms: Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) or American Center For Law and Justice (ACLJ). The Day of Dialogue will occur April 28th, 2017 to stand for marriage. For further details, click Students Standing up for Marriage & 2017 Day of Dialogue Flyer Hand Out --PDF. Note: To see the long history of allegations of discrimination against Christians at HCRHS, click High School Tab to read articles written to the "Hunterdon County Democrat".

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Short Introduction

Hunterdon Central Cross Country video clip in 1979 (X-Country Video clip on left -- 1979 (PDF)) a. HCRHS Cross Country Videos (men and girls) & its wild History (1979), b. Tim Tebow's testimony & the fastest-growing High School sport: Trap Shooting, c. Response to "The Lamp's" on-line article on marriage by a former Hunterdon Central High School student dated 06/06/12, d. Holocaust Survivor visits Hunterdon Central High School on 03/26/14, e. Note to parents on vaccinations, f. Security at the school (Sheriff's Officers, not Raritan Twp. Police), g. Schedule changes to an A/B block sch. at HCRHC because of the PARCC test, h. Music book: Complete Book of Scales, i. Common Core (dumbing down students) and j. Gandhi’s name on a banner in the cafeteria by the Field House at Hunterdon Central High School (who really was Gandhi?).

a) Hunterdon Central High School Cross Country Meet (Mens) -- 1979 & Tract Meet at Voorhees High School -- 1982

The Hunterdon Central High School Men's Cross Country team during the era below was alleged by a few former Cross Country runners to be a rather rowdy bunch that liked to play practical jokes and party, especially the night before a big race on Saturday. You had two excellent coaches Mr. L. L. (nicknamed Luby/Looby by someone on the cross country team), who taught Russian and French and Mr. D.K. (who headed and started the radio station and was a Captain in the U.S. Army). The following is a list of some of the jokes: 1. A few cross country members "mooned" Mr. L.L. by the bleachers (behind the football field where the pond is) and Mr. L.L. was across the field and started yelling at them. 2. Mr. L.L.'s car was picked up and placed in the water fountain at Hunterdon Central High School (the school could never prove who did this act). 3. Some of the runners at a Meet with other high schools were in the bus ready to go home and gave the other school's bus driver the "bird and mooned"--the other school called Hunterdon Central High School and complained (the school could not identify who's "butt" it was). 4. Mr. D.K. got so angry during the fall of 1979 that he stated in the Field House locker room to the men's team that "He never met such crude bastards in his life". Even with the above behavior, the men's team liked the two coaches and had a good time.

Hunterdon Central High School Cross Country Meet (Girls) -- 1979

35mm Pictures of GirlsX-Country (PDF)

1. GirlsX-Country-1981 (PDF)

2. GirlsX-Country-1981 (PDF)

3. GirlsX-Country-1981 (PDF)

4. GirlsX-Country-1981 (PDF)

4A. GirlsX-Country-1981 (PDF)

5. GirlsX-Country-1981 (PDF)

6. GirlsX-Country-1981 (PDF) ; 7. GirlsX-Country (Luby)-1981 (PDF) ; 8. GirlsX-Country-1981 (PDF) ; 9. GirlsX-Country-1981 (PDF) ; 10. GirlsX-Country-1981 (PDF) ; 11. GirlsX-Country-1981 (PDF) ; 12. GirlsX-Country-1981 (PDF) ; 13. GirlsX-Country-1981 (PDF) & 14. GirlsX-Country-1981 (PDF). MensX-Country (PDF): 15. MensX-Country-1981 (PDF); 16. MensX-Country-1981 (PDF); 17. MensX-Country-1981 (PDF); 18. MensX-Country-1981 (PDF); 19. MensX-Country-1981 (PDF); 20. MensX-Country-1981 (PDF).

Note: The owner/producer of this video has authorized NJIAT to post it on its website. We are not sure where the two meets took place in the two videos above.

Men Cross Country

The 35mm pictures converted to a PDF image of the Hunterdon Central High School Girls Cross Country Team in 1981 (that includes some of the Mens Cross Country Team) was also authorized by the owner to post on website (copyright©1981/2015 35mm images of GirlsX-Country by TFS). The pictures might have been in Passaic County on top of the mountain overlooking RT. 80, Paterson, NJ.

To see "movies" of a "Huntedon Central High School Trip to Italy" (1981), Click "16mm Movies"

TebowingYou would unlikely see this at Hunterdon Central High School; it was alleged by a cross country runner in 1979 that the top runner was told not to wear his cross during a meet -- the mascot for HCRHS is the Red Devils. See below for further details.


Tim Tebow

b) Tim Tebow--Heisman Trophy winner & NFL's Denver Broncos' Quarterback (John 3:16, Eph. 2:8-10)

Tebow passed exactly 316 yards against the Pittsburg Steelers. Tim's favorite bible verse, "For this is how God loved the world: He gave his unique Son so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:16, ISV)


Trap Shooting for High School students.

Fastest-growing High-School Sport? Trap Shooting (2015)

Doctors wanted Tim Tebow's mother to abort him in 1987--a pro-life testimony

(See Does the Bible class abortion with murder? by Dr. Gleason L. Archer--PDF &  Are People Born Gay?--PDF & YouTube by Dr. James Manning (black pastor in Harlem, NYC) entitled: Homosexuality: A Family Affair--parents putting their children before God (08/26/13) & A Critique of Modern Youth Ministries by Christopher Schlect and Uber-Liberal Cosmopolitan Magazine Just Admitted Babies Can Feel in the Womb (2015) --In a twist of irony, Cosmopolitan Magazine told its readers babies can feel in the womb.)

The new sexual revolutionKristallnacht

c) Gay Marriage: Is it really that bad? written by a Hunterdon Central High School Student on 05/23/12(PDF)--Reply on 06/06/12 to The Lamp On-Line article by a former Hunterdon Central High School Student.

1. Also, see article entitled Gay Rights Activists Bully Authors of LGBT Study (11/29/16) -- LGBT cannot stand an honest study by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. They did a study of hundreds of scientific papers on homosexuality. They determined that many popular views on LGBT issues, such as the idea that “gender identity is an innate, fixed property of human beings that is independent of biological sex,” are not supported by science.

d) Click Historical Event: Holocaust Survivor, Jack Zaifman, speaks at Hunterdon Central High School, Flemington, NJ on March 26, 2014

"The Lord knows the Way of the Righteous, But the Way of the Ungodly Shall Perish."(Psalm 1:6)

Flue shots and vaccinations are not good

e) Note to Parents about Vaccinations

To obtain a Vaccination Exemption, see Whole Health (Vaccines), ADHD/No to Ritalin, and Legal Help tabs on this site. Some parents have alleged that medical doctors in Flemington, NJ (Hunterdon County) are encouraging them to have their 7th & 8th grade daughters given the Gardasil vaccination for HPV--see Girl severely damaged by Gardasil, a Merck vaccine for the human papillomavirus (HPV) & the dark side of Gardasil.

Sheriff Badges

f) Raritan Twp. Police and Security at Hunterdon Central High School -- Sheriff's Officers should be used

Also, for information further information on School Security, see the Local Government tab and subtopic entitled Raritan Twp. Police and Security at Hunterdon Central High School--why did the school not use a Sheriff's Officer for half the cost? (See articles entitled A Sheriff's Officer should be posted at Hunterdon Central High School (The HC News--08/06/13) & Sheriff's Office Should be used at Schools (Hunterdon County Democrat--08/12/13).) Students are upset over the presense of a Raritan Twp. Police Officer as a Resource Officer (Public Schools Are Preparing America's Children For Life In A Police State-02/18/14). Sheriff's Office Information on Supplemental Coverage & Mergers -- PDF (2017 Tri-fold Tract)

g) Hunterdon Central should not have Changed its Scheduling to an A/ B Block Scheduling System (Implemented in Year 2014/2015)

It is inexcusable for the Hunterdon Central Regional High School Board of Education with the encouragement of the Superintendent Christina Steffner (with her $25k bonus) to change the current scheduling to an A/ B block scheduling system. Now the students cannot double up or take Algebra I and II in the same year. The Partnership for Assessment and Readiness for College and Career (PARCC) mandated by the State is a joke and takes away more time from the teachers from actually teaching because they have to attempt to prepare them for a bogus test that will turn out to be a disaster with many students failing. The schools had to order Chrome books in order to administer the test--a nice little contract. Governor Christie should abolish "Common Core" and "PARCC". The students are very upset over the change. See PARCC Pilot Program a Disaster & With Common Core, States Face Problem of Which Tests To Give Students.

h) Music (Private Guitar Instructions and Books)

Smith's Complete Book of Scales

Guitarsmith--see the book entitled Smith's Complete Book of Scales--every scale in lexicographical order--the only book with every possible scale on the market. Note from NJIAT: Yes, you will learn about music on this website. It is unfortunate that many music programs are being eliminated at our public schools. Common Core is not improving the education system in this country, but dumbing down the students.

Common Core is Federal Government takeover of education

i) And Stop Common Core in Your State (reject "Race to the Top"--dumbing down English & Math standards) & Transforming America's Schools into Authoritarian Instruments of Compliance--obtain a brochure to hand out to parents & teachers titled Common Core: A Scheme to Rewrite Education.

See the following articles on "Common Core":

Dr. Duke Pesta

Common Core: Dangers & Threats by Dr. Duke Pesta who speaks in Florida on (05/03/14)--see video presentation;

English Literature -- A Treasure of Western Civilisation by Dr. Peter Hammond

YouTube of Dr. Pesta: (

Excerpt from Dr. Duke Pesta on deviate sex acts children will be taught under Common Core:

Children are taught holding hands, hugging, kissing, is the same as every other deviate sex acts—they are taught there is a sameness to “all” sex—there is no such thing as normal sex in Common Core, wide open sex of every weird type is taught to be acceptable in Common Core.  Pornography is no longer looked down upon in the Common Core curriculum. Very young students can’t even comprehend those teachings and understand that if someone does something to their little bodies, that they were told about in the Common Core sex curriculum, that it is wrong and shouldn’t be done to them.

Democrats Against U.N. Common Core

White House and GOP Conspired on Education Takeover (01/05/16)

...Obama's Education secretary, Arne Duncan, has been gloating about how the administration literally conspired with Republican leadership to pass a 1,061-page “education bill ”that for the first time codifies Obama's radical education agenda -- including the almost universally loathed Common Core standards and much more -- into federal “law....” The so-called "Every Student Succeeds Act," or ESSA is a fraud. The GOP with Obama willingly betrayed their constituents and their oath of office.

Hunterdon Central High School banner with Gandhi saying

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world"--Gandhi

j) Note: We had to chuckle when they saw Gandhi’s name on a banner in the cafeteria by the Field House at Hunterdon Central High School on June 11, 2005 when attending an event (The Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Hunterdon Central sponsored an event: Got Truth?--a summer kick-off concert--PDF). Gandhi was a sex pervert who gave rectal enemas to teenage girls and was a pious fraud- -read page 2 in the article titled: The Gandhi Nobody Knows--PDF. The Gandhi Nobody Knows (ISBN# 0-8407-5871-5). Also, see Tal Brooke's, who studied in India under famous Guru's such as Sai Baba (YouTube video). Tal Brooke is an alumni of Princeton University and his parents were diplomats.

Topics Covered:

1A. Christian Sports Organizations & YouTube from Dr.Ron Paul; 1. High School Students Standing up for Marriage & Christian Students do not need to beg for the same Rights as other Students & What a Hunterdon Central Superintendent told some Christian Students on April 2013 about sponsoring the Day of Dialogue; 2. NJIAT Marriage Shirt to wear at High Schools; 3. Joshua Generation at Hunterdon Central High School & when they sponsored an Ex-Homosexual to speak at the Little Theater on March 22, 2001 & Discrimination against the Club & Articles written for the "Hunterdon County Democrat" on allegations of Discrimination against the Christian Clubs at HCRHS;

4. Hunterdon Central's Online Media--The Lamp (why are not more student's writing articles?); 5. Russian President Putin's Warning to America & Moscow Bans Gay Pride Parade; 6. Amnesty International is run by the State Department--High School Students Misled;

7. How Students are being Dumbed Down & Common Core: A Scheme & Unanswered Questions about Everyday Math & Why the Education System is Dumbed Down by Whole Language; 8. High School Students Lose more of their Rights; 9. Warning and Note to Parents & High School Students; 10. What is Obama doing to your Rights & What was Martin Luther King Jr.'s Positions on the Moral Issues? & Inteview with "Larry Pinkey" (Black Panther Veteran);

11. Starting a High School Bible Club, the Equal Access Act and What authority does an Advisor to a Bible Club have vs. Other clubs; 12. Should High School Students Witness and Engage the Culture?; 13. Can High School Students Hand out Tracts in High School?; 14. High School Students: Know Your Rights!--this also includes handling police encounters;

15. Hot Topics for High School Students such as one's Worldview will determine the type of Freedoms you have in the U.S. and the world, the Philosophy of Secular Humanism, World Religions, Western Civilization & Christianity, Misc. Topics, Reviews of Books and Films such as Samson & Delilah & The Ten Commandments and the Gay Issue (the Gay and Lesbian "Youth School Clubs" is nothing more than a" Hitler Youth Spin Off"--see Worldview Tab and scroll to bottom for more information and what happened to a Hunterdon Central Student who disagreed with gay adoption in a class discussion). Get intelligent answers to these important subjects;

16. Teenagers (Young Adults) who attend Evangelical Churches and what are the problems; 17. Helpful Websites for teenagers and recommended Book titled: A Christian Student's Survival Guide by Dr. Robert A. Morey and Listen to the free lecture titled: An Evening at the Well--Greg Laurie's Group for 18 - 28 year old singles. Speaker Dr. Morey;

18.  Starting a High School Rifle and/or Hunting Club or Archery Club (see pictures of  teenagers at a shooting festival, where thousands of  boys and girls shoot military rifles in Zurich, Switzerland that has been held every year since 1657 and Russian President Vladimir Putin at shooting range with listing of international shooting organizations); 19. Starting a High School Airsoft &  Paintball Gun Club; 20. Starting a Political Club.

Christian Sports Organizations

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA); Fellowship of Christian Sportsmen Plus

Christian Outdoorsman; Xtreme Sport Christians

Team Faith--Motocross & Freestyle; Junior Shooters

Faith and Firearms by Dr. Peter Hammond—PDF or FirePower and Faith

OutdoorChannel—America’s leader in Outdoor TV: Hunting, Fishing, Shooting, Off-road, etc.

Cabelas in Hamburg, PA; I-78 West, take exit 29B--a great place for a High School Trip; Free Aquarium and Museum-quality animal displays from all over the world.

Ellis Memorial Scholarship Award (Two $1,500--09/13 app. deadline) sponsored by ANJRPC

A Christian Students Survival Guide

A Christian Student’s Survival Guide (New Edition--10/21/16-- has color pictures in every chapter and has been expanded and the book's size has been reduced in dimension (7.44 x 9.69), 384 pages)).

Click for Larger Picture "A Christian Student's Survival Guide"--PDF

A Christian Student's Survival Guide

New Jersey Right to Life & New Jersey Family Policy Council

PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries--the Christian ministry of Dr. Martin and Deidre Bobgan

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Website For Girls (, 10 to 16, Informs Youth About Birth Control, Gay Sex, 'Mutual Masturbation' (no fear of God in this nation).

Ron Paul in Tampa, Florida 2012-RNC

Dr. Ron

Young Americans for Liberty (YAL)--start a chapter on your high school or college campus.

Dr. Ron Paul, MD (Texas Congressman--R) made one of his Last Speeches in Tampa, FL at the 2012 RNC--one of the greatest Constitutionalists & Statesmen in 21st century America (a Military vet).

In His Final Speech Ron Paul Warns of "Continous March Towards Fascism"--11/14/12

High School Students Standing up for Marriage between A Man & A Woman (a Creation Ordinance in the Book of Genesis 2:23-24)

Day of Dialogue

The Day of Dialogue--high school students can take a stand for marriage (a creation ordinance; Gen. 2:23-24); students can legally counter the promotion of the homosexual agenda in their high schools by "The Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network" (GLSEN)--the Day of Silence is held every year at many high schools across this nation such as Hunterdon Central High School thru sponsoring clubs such as PULSE. The purpose of The Day of Silence is to legitimize homosexuality--GLSEN encourages students celebrating this event to lobby for legislation supported by homosexual-advocacy groups and pressure school officials to implement things such as "queer friendly" prom. (Recommended Bible Tract to hand out: How Should Christians Respond to "Gay" Marriage? and 2017 Day of Dialogue Flyer Hand Out --PDF ; Note: this flyer is not produced by the Day of Dialogue.)

The recent speech given by homosexual activist Dan Savage in April 2012, who was invited to be keynote speaker at a high school anti-bullying conference in Seattle, Wash., used his podium to bash Christians and the Bible and some students walked out in protest--see YouTube and article on his hate speech against Christians and people who believe in the Bible.

Muslims also condemn homosexuality as sin and we will see if Dan the coward will condemn Muslims and the Qur'an. Here is a quote from the Qur'an: "For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds." Qur'an 7:80-81. Yes, to their credit the Islamic Society of North America calls homosexual relationships a "deviation" from the law of Allah on its website. Of couse, as Christians we want them to know the true God (Christ our savior).

Unfortunately, many so-called High School Christian Clubs have been infected by political correctness because they do not want to offend other people should get their "head out of the sand." Gay pride protests sport drag queens simulating gay sex while wearing thongs in public, but that is not considered offensive by the establishment because it is "politically correct" to support grown men in thongs. The Cross is an offense. You either take a stand for God or Satan--make your choice. The Book of Revelation is very clear: If you are going along with Babylon (Satan's system, the Beast and the worship of the anti-Christ) and receive the Mark of the Beast (666), you will be removed from planet Earth by Yeshua Ha-Maschiah at His second coming and placed on another planet called "Hell" and will be in torment for ever and ever (see Worldview tab for further information).

Note: The Pink Swastika by Scott Lively & Kevin Abrams points out how the Nazi SS was made up primarily of sadistic homosexuals and how homosexuality was so ingrained in the Nazi Party and how the Gay and Lesbian "Youth School Clubs" is nothing more than a" Hitler Youth Spin Off"--a downloadable version is available; click The Pink Swastika on PDF. Also, see the Militant Lifestyles tab for information on how Homosexuality and Fascism have always gone hand in hand.

Now Order a NJIAT Marriage Shirt

NJIAT Marriage Shirt --PDF & Will a One World Religion & Government Bring World Peace?--PDF (updated in 2017).

You can wear this shirt proudly and defend marriage and glorify Christ (the wording is on the back of the Shirt and the smaller emblem is on the front). Also, a great witnessing tool. You can order the shirts from E-MAC--Signs & Graphics; located in Sergeantsville, NJ (Delaware Twp.). Their phone number is 908-806-4555 or e-mail Eileen at The shirt design and emblem is copyrighted by NJIAT. (E-Mac is not affliated with NJIAT, but is an authorized vendor to sell the shirts in bulk or will take a minimun order.)

High School Christian Students do not need to beg for the same rights that other students have at High School, especially with the Day of Dialogue that promotes marriage between a man and a woman (Genesis 2:23-24)--see incident with Christian students & HC below.

Young Americans for Liberty

Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is a pro-liberty organization that has chapters at colleges and high schools and provides a variety of chapter materials to help get you started on the right foot: activism guides, downloads, and helpful websites. Dr. Ron Paul, former Congressman, military officer and presidential candidate, endorses YAL. See Dr. Ron

Legal Note: Do not let any high school deny your club the legal right to sponsor The Day of Dialogue. A few students/members at Joshua Generation alleged in April of 2013 that the superintendent at Hunterdon Central High School told them that Joshua Generation could not sponsor The Day of Dialogue because it is religious--this is nonsense. This is a violation of the Students' First Amendment Rights and is a violation of the law.

Christian students do not have to beg for the same rights that other students have such as students who belong to PULSE, who are allowed to support the homosexual movement at Hunterdon Central High School. Christian students should contact the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) immediately if the school denies them the same rights that other students have at the school. Hunterdon Central High School has a long history of discrimination against the Bible club and Christians--see articles under subtopic Will Joshua Generation take a Stand for Righteousness?

Hunterdon Central High School banner with Gandhi saying

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world"--Gandhi

Note: We had to chuckle when they saw Gandhi’s name on a banner in the cafeteria by the Field House at Hunterdon Central High School on June 11, 2005 when attending an event (The Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Hunterdon Central sponsored an event: Got Truth?--a summer kick-off concert--PDF). Gandhi was a sex pervert who gave rectal enemas to teenage girls and was a pious fraud- -read page 2 in the article titled: The Gandhi Nobody Knows--PDF. The Gandhi Nobody Knows (ISBN# 0-8407-5871-5).

Face Book Bans Gandhi's quote about being armed on Dec. 28, 2012

However, Gandhi should be complimented on his defense of citizens having arms.


The "Joshua Generation" at Hunterdon Central High School did take a Stand on March 22, 2001 by Sponsoring an Ex-Homosexual to Speak at the Little Theater--Topic: Leaving the Alternative Lifestyle" Flyer. Will the Joshua Generation take a stand for Righteousness? or do they Fear Man more than God?

Fearing God by Dr. Robert A. MoreyThe Brazen Serpent in the Ten Commandments

Moses lifts Brass Serpent to heal the Israelites from poisnous snake bites by Benjamin West

Apostle Paul was motivated to preach the Gospel because of the coming "terror" and judgment of Christ upon sinners. "knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men." (2 Corinthians 5:11, ISV)

The lack of the fear of God in the Evangelical Church is the main reason why Christians do not witness and is a form of antinomianism. "Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that can't be shaken, we must be thankful and worship God in reverence and fear in a way that pleases him. For our God is an all-consuming fire. (Hebrews 12:28-29, ISV)--see Witnessing tab for further information and the article entitled Standing on the Cross: An interview with Dr. Robert A. Morey [Dr. Morey was interviewed by B.K.Campbell of The Christian Thinker (what has happened to the Church and our Youth?)--PDF].

Will the Joshua Generation take a stand for righteousness? The Joshua Generation at Hunterdon Central High School initially sponsored a speaker on the topic of “Leaving the Alternative Lifestyle” on 03/22/01 at the Little Theater; the advisor did violate the law and had no authority from God to do so when he told the club they could not officially sponsor the speaker--see Topics Covered below for further information on what happened (there is no ill will towards the past advisor; we just want to make sure it does not happen again). The event still took place on 03/22/01 with the President and members of the Joshua Generation promoting said event--click to see "Leaving the Alternative Lifestyle" Flyer--PDF on event. The PULSE members at the 03/22/01 event were very intolerant and very disrespectful to the speaker (Mr. Rich Yates, who is an Ex-homosexual)--they were shouting at him and calling him names.

1968 Hunterdon Central High School yearbook1971 Hunterdon Central Yearbook

1968, 1971 and 1981 Hunterdon Central High School Yearbooks--see HC Alumni and 50 years video

Hunterdon Central High School was established in 1956 and has an excellent curriculum--unfortunately, many of the American students are disrespectful and lazy (probably on some kind of psychotropic drug) according to some of the older teachers at HC.

Click the following articles written by a graduate of Hunterdon Central High School about what happened with the Joshua Generation and at the school in general:

1. Protect Students' Rights--[Letter to the Editor in the Hunterdon County Democrat (06/06/02)]--PDF

2. Bible Club Advisors Merely Monitors [Letter to the Editor in the Courier News (06/12/02)]--PDF

3. Silence and Truth--[Letter to the Editor in the Hunterdon County Democrat (04/24/08)]--PDF (Former Superintendent Lisa Brady defends PULSE and puts her comment below the person who wrote the letter to the editor, and stated that PULSE has the legal right to sponser the Day of Silence, which would imply by inference that Joshua Generation has the legal right to The Day of Truth).

4. Gay Marriage: Is it really that bad?--PDF (Published in The Lamp Online on 05/23/12--see reply to the article by a former Hunterdon Central High School Student that was posted in The Lamp on 06/06/12).

PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-gays and Gays) supports the thousands of men, women and teens each year with unwanted same-sex attractions make a personal decision to leave the homosexual lifestyle. (For further information on this topic, see the Lifestyles Tab, Militant Lifestyles Tab and Worldview Tab.)

Hunterdon Central High School's Online Media--The Lamp. Why are the Bible Believing Christians not Writing articles for The Lamp or Replying to posted articles? The Lamp does encourage replies to the articles posted.

Infowars Magazine February 2013 Issue best news source in the U.S. Infowars receives twice the traffic of

Today's media is not about reporting news, but about entertainment or propaganda. As of 2011, 6 corporations own 90% of the media in America and 232 media executives control what information 277 million Americans will receive (see Internet News tab).

Hunterdon Central's Independent Student's Media (The lamp Online)

Gay Marriage: Is it really that bad?--PDF (Published in The Lamp Online on 05/23/12--see reply to the article by a former Hunterdon Central High School Student that was posted in The Lamp on 06/06/12).

'Gays' to YouTube: Don't Let Anyone See this YouTube about the real "Harvey Milk"--a sexual predator of teens according to a WND article. --it is a coalition of parents fighting to keep the Boy Scouts' timeless values (from God) and to oppose open homosexuality in the Boy Scouts.

21 Signs that U.S. Public Schools have become Training Centers for Sexual Deviancy--2013

A Warning from Christian Russia to Anti-Christian America

Vladimir Putin at shooting range

We do have to give President Vladimir Putin credit--he is a gun enthusiast, hunter, fisherman, motorcycle rider, skier, pianist, judo expert, served as a Lt. Colonel in the military, etc. A true James Bond of the 21st century.

President Putin

A Warning to America from Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin: Putin's Emergency Warning to America (09/12/13)

Russia will defend National Identity, based on religious values

Putin and Reagan listened to Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Xavier Lerma of Pravda in Moscow, writes: "Putin and Reagan listened to Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Those who listen to their elders tend to be wiser. Vladimir Putin allows Christianity to flourish, unlike, the liberals in America, who have their own warped idea of freedom from God and a denial of evils existence in the world."

Liberals Fear Christianity and Putin
"Today, the liberals who control the West fear Putin as though doomsday was tomorrow. It is not a nuclear threat, but rather a spiritual renewal that threatens them. It is not Putin, but Russia's Christianity they fear. Rather it is Christ they truly fear and hate. They tried to persuade Americans by scaring everyone with ideas of Putin as the evil KGB, out to destroy the world… they demonize Putin because it is not our world, but their liberal world that is in danger of being destroyed."

Moscow Bans Gay Pride for the next 100 years--thumbs up for Russia & President Putin--a man of integrity--for taking a stand against Sodomy (the Supreme Ruler of the Universe agrees).

Who Really Funds Amnesty International?

Amnesty International Pussy Riot

Image: From Amnesty International USA’s website, “Free Pussy Riot.”

Amnesty International's childish stunt with "Free Pussy Riot" meshes directly with the US State Department’s goal of undermining the Russian government via its troupe of US-funded “opposition activists” including “Pussy Riot.” That Amnesty is supporting the US State Department’s agenda should be no surprise, it is run literally by the US State Department’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Organizations, Suzanne Nossel according to Infowars. See Amnesty International Propaganda Targets Russia & Syria and Amnesty International is a US State Department Propaganda--08/22/12.

Hunterdon Central High School has an Amnesty International club [the so-called human rights advocacy organization is run by US State Department officials and is funded by convicted criminal George SorosOpen Society Institute (see annual report page 8)]. President Vladimir Putin on January 24, 2012 issued an Arrest Warrant for Hungarian currency-mogul convicted felon George Soros. Also, "Who are the perpetrators of the Kony 2012 scam?" Do You Know Why Earth Day is on April 22?

Infowars Magazine April 2014 titled The War on WomenIn the April 2014 issue of the Infowars Magazine titled "The War on Women" we have highlighted the numerous ways in which females are being attacked in the United States, as well as around the world.  From phony feminists ignoring real issues to the scientific sterilization of women and other recent top stories, this issue is sure to expose the systematic assault that is the War On Women

Also in Infowars, find out about the CIA's role in hijacking the second wave of feminism in America. Gloria Steinmen admitted that she was recruited by the CIA to infiltrate youth counter-culture movements in the late 1950s. Steinem subsequently received funding from the CIA and the Rockfeller foundation to set up Ms. Magazine in the 1960s.



How Students are being Dumbed Down & Common Core: A Scheme

Dumbing down American kids

The deliberate dumbing down of America

The Delibrate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Thomas Iserbyt

Free Video on Dumbing Down of America and how the schools are lying about the Bill of Rights

Why "No Child Left Behind" Hasn't Worked and should be abolished

What is Wrong with our American Kids?

Common Core is Federal Government takeover of education

1. Common Core: A Scheme to Rewrite Education

2. Indoctrinate the World: Gates Foundation Hijacks Education Policy

3. Common Core Standards and the elimination of parental and local authority (that was founded & funded by Bill Gates and supported by the Board of Governors and large corporations) and Will Common Core Standards Solve the Reading Problem?

4. Common Core: Dangers & Threats by Dr. Duke Pesta who speaks in Florida on (05/03/14)--see video presentation;

5. FreedomProject--Christian values & Founding Father Principles --citizens against Common Core have united a powerful coalition of libertarians, conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party activists, progressives, liberals, parents, teachers, experts, and more;

6. 100-Year-Old Math Teacher Shreds Common Core (12/09/14) -- A 100-year-old teacher has seen a lot in the classroom.

7. Bill Gates Loves Common Core for your kids, BUT NOT HIS (03/23/14);

8. Common Core Teacher: Kids 'Not Comfortable' With 9+6 (09/05/14)--TV host on lession: 'That's not math. That's 'The Silence of the Lambs!' See the TV commentary;

9. Steve Jobs Didn't Let His Kids Use IPADS (09/15/14)--The double standard is clear when one considers the actions of billionaires, such as former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, whose foundation has invested millions of dollars pushing the Common Core curriculum onto public schools, but who opts to send his own children to private academies where the Common Core standard is not taught; and

10. Common Core Inflicts Anguish on 7-year-old Girl --see video of the Illinois Curriculum Director giving a teacher conference on Common Core math. She explains children can say that “3 x 4 = 11″so long as they can explain how they came to that conclusion;

Brain wash students by giving them Prozaic.

Excerpt from Dr. Duke Pesta on deviate sex acts children will be taught under Common Core:


Children are taught holding hands, hugging, kissing, is the same as every other deviate sex acts—they are taught there is a sameness to “all” sex—there is no such thing as normal sex in Common Core, wide open sex of every weird type is taught to be acceptable in Common Core.  Pornography is no longer looked down upon in the Common Core curriculum. Very young students can’t even comprehend those teachings and understand that if someone does something to their little bodies, that they were told about in the Common Core sex curriculum, that it is wrong and shouldn’t be done to them.

Unanswered Questions about Everyday Math & Why the Education System is Deliberately Dumbed-Down by teaching Whole Language and the Philosophy of Secular Humanism

Indoctrination of Public  Schools

High School Students Lose More of their Rights in the United States

High Schools Students Lose More of Their Rights (1957 vs. 2009)--PDF

30 Examples of Why America is No Longer a Free Country

Chip Free Schools

Chip Free Schools--protecting Students from forced RFID tracking

Under the U.S. "criminal" law system, more than 30% of those under 23 have been arrested. There are now more people under correctional supervision in America--more than 6 million--and this is more than in the Gulag Archipelago under Stalin (see U.S. has highest incarceration rate and largest prison population). This is forced indentured servitude. Unfortunately, our criminal law system is resembling fascism (the State is absolute & economic system is corporatism). Only a return to the true God of the Universe (see the Bible) can students and society be free again. (See Michelle Alexander's YouTube , who is an African-American woman, legal scholar and author, talking about the draconian drug laws--she accuses former President Bill Clinton of incarcerating more young black men than any other president because of his legislation on the so-called war on drugs.)

Warning and Note to Parents & High School Students

Warning to parents about legal drugs

Dr. Seth Farber Exposes the Psychatric Community's Infiltration by Big Pharma--TV interview

TeenScreen, which is similar to health screening tests like the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBS), is illegal unless the parent gives permission. It would be a violation of the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA), a federal law intended on protecting the rights of parents. The YRBS and TeenScreen is meant to identify suicidal tendencies and social disorders--it has been labeled by the Alliance for Human Research Protection as a "duo-drug promotion scam" that declares "otherwise normal children to be mentally ill." This is why there is an increase in children being medicated with antidepressants depsite FDA warnings about suicidal behavor. Of course, the pharmaceutical companies are making big profits off of drugging your kids--see ADHD/No to Ritalin tab about exemptions from vaccines.

The Supreme Ruler of the Universe does not give the State authority over our children, especially when is comes to discipline (using the rod)--see Politics/Voting Tab for information on the State's authority per God. (See the ADHD/No to RitalinTab for further information on the shocking link between psychiatric drugs, suicide, violence and mass murder and the SCP Newsletter, Fall 2011, Volume 36:1 (Do Parents' Rights End at the Schoolhouse Gate?) located at Also, see Secular Psychology and Christian Psychology vs. Biblical Counseling located at .

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (01/15/29--04/04/68)

Martin Luther King Jr., Washington march on August 28, 1963

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (01/15/29--04/04/68)--he was assassinated in TN (a trial was held in 1999 to determine if anyone else was involved) & Friend of MLK, Jr.: Government Conspiracy Killed Dr. King (TV interview).

What is Obama doing about your Rights as a Student--he passes NDAA? And What was the position of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Marriage?

President Obama cares less about the working class or poor black or white people (he is part of the same One-World Corporatist clique that most of all the past presidents' belonged too); see the Poltics/Voting Tab and the sub-title "What is a Rockefeller Republican or Democrat?" and the Personal Finance/Economics Tab for further information on this matter and what Ron Paul called Obama--see the article entitled Is Obama a Corporatist like our past presidents?

Obama is one of your most Anti-Biblical & Anti-Gun presidents we ever had--see FirePower and Faith & White Liberals and their “PC Pimps”in the Black Community—PDF ( to download free DVD film, exposing discrimination against the black community from owning firearms--the hidden secret is that many Civil Rights heroes actively exercised their 2nd Amendement rights during the 60s & 70s--click No Guns for Negroes). Citizens (both white and black) who voted for Obama based on his skin color is racism on the highest level--what happened to what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (who was a registered Republican because the Klan was used as a military force for the Democratic Party against blacks and the Republican Party) taught that a man should be judged on his character, not skin color.

Video: The Democratic Party's Dirty Secret (03/08/14) --Jon Bowne investigates the mass amnesia associated with the indisputable connection between the Ku Klux Klan and the Democratic Party as well as its long history of murder, torture and voting coercion and Alex explains how the Democrats’ history ties into their current race-based, divide and conquer platform.

Martin Luther King Jr was a Republican

What happened to what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (who was a registered Republican because the Klan was used as a military force for the Democratic Party against blacks) taught that a man should be judged on his character, not skin color. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was not a perfect person and he had his sins and indiscretions, but he never promoted sin and wickedness. Dr. King condemned homosexual marriage and would have condemened President Obama, if alive, for promoting it. (Let's see if the PULSE Club at Hunterdon Central High School will condemn Maritn Luther King Jr. as intolerant and a biggot.)

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. states, "If You are Gay; You are a Psycho"--he stated this in Ebony magazine in 1958 and recently published in Godfather Politics (2014).

See video on Dr. King's position that is located on Pastor Dr. James Manning's website and go to video entitled If you are Gay; you are a Pyscho--YouTube (2014) & One Thing I Know: Dr. King Ain't No Homo (11/18/14)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was called “an evil, abnormal beast” in an anonymous letter FBI agents sent the civil rights leader in 1964 in an effort to get him to commit suicide, a newly published, unredacted version of the note, shows. (17 Nov. 2014)--he told homosexual J. Edgar Hoover to shove it.

Question asked. Rev. Martin Luther King, jr. , in his Advice for Living column in Ebony, answers a young gay man that asked, ..."I am a boy but I feel about boys the way I ought to feel about girls. I don't want my parents to know about me..."

Answer given. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. answered: "Your problem is not all an uncommone one. However, it does require careful attention. The type of feeling that you have toward boys is probably not an innate tendency, but something that has benn culturally acquired. Your reasons for adopting this habit have now been consciously suppressed or unconsciously repressed. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with this problem by getting back to some experiences and circumstances that led to the habit. In order to do this I would suggest that you see a good psychiatrist who can assist you in bringing to the forefront of conscience all of those experiences and circumstances that led to the habit...

Yes, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Dr. Alveda King (niece) were against homosexuality. Dr. Alveda King condemned the gays and the LGBT activist vultures in 1997 for equating gay rights with the struggle for Civil Rights of the African-Americans. Yes, homosexuality is not a Civil Right and Dr. Alveda's uncle did not die to promote the homosexual agenda. She is also pro-life.

Dr. King was pro-life and believed in the Biblical definition of marriage between a man and a woman--his niece Dr. Alveda King is also pro-life and detests equating homosexuality with Civil Rights and states her uncle did not die to legitimize and promote homosexuality--this is an offense to the African-Americans. (The president of NJIAT did attend a speech given by Dr. Alveda King (a classy woman) in the late 1990's at a family conference in Philadelphia, PA and spoke to her afterwards.)

For further information on this topic, listen to Dr. James Manning (an African-American radio host who believes in God) in Harlem, NYC at AtlahMediaNetwork (AMN)--3:00 to 6:00 PM EST--on live internet radio and The Alex Jones Show--12:00 to 3:00 PM EST--on live internet radio. Of course, this is also happening in the White communities (we are all in this together) and God cannot be left out of the equation--most of the problems stem from the rejection of God.

Interview with Black Panther Veteran "Larry Pinkney"& Exposes who the Real Barack Obama is--a Trojan Horse

See YouTube interview (08/11/12) on the Alex Jones Show with "Black Panther Veteran" Larry Pinkney who Warns of A Trojan Horse Named Obama, who was groomed by the CIA and signed the Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in 2011---a U.S. Citizen can now be Incarcerated indefinitey with no charges!

Valley High school in the community of New Kensington, PA has a Ten Commandments Tombstone-like monument in front of their school since 1957

Valley High School in PA has a Ten Commandments tombstone-like monument

Hunterdon Central High School should erect a similiar stone in front of their school (the student's need to hear about God). An atheist group called "Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF)" in 2012 has targeted the school to try to force them to remove the "Ten Commandments" stone so they can force their religion of Secular Humanism on the school. [The U.S. Supreme Court cited "Secular Humanism" as a religion in the 1961 case of Torcaso vs. Watchins (367 U.S. 488)---yes, it is a religion; the definition for the word "religion" from the Merriam-Webster's dictionary: "A cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith".

Tell the Truth!--Shame on The Southern Poverty Law Center--according to WorldNetDaily article (10/12/12), "The homosexual activist group Southern Poverty Law Center has attempted to infiltrate the public school system with its newly designed entry-level “diversity” program called “Mix It Up at Lunch Day.” The goal of “Mix It Up” is to force the acceptance of homosexuality into public schools – even at elementary and junior high levels." Also, according to WND, Morris Dees, SPLC founder, did legal work for the KKK in 1961.

Starting a Christian Protestant High School Bible Club

A Christian Students Survival Guide

A Christian Student’s Survival Guide (New Edition--10/21/16-- has color pictures in every chapter and has been expanded and the book has been reduced in dimensions (7.44 x 9.69), 384 pages).

Click for Larger Picture "A Christian Student's Survival Guide"--PDF

Equal Access Act

Once the Equal Access Act is triggered, secondary schools cannot discriminate against religious student groups. Also, secondary school officials may not control the Bible Club, interfere with the operation of the Bible Club or demand the deletion of references to Christianity from the club's Constitution. (See Board of Education of the Westside Community Schools v. Mergens, 496 U.S. at 239-40, 247 & 248.) If your rights as a Christian high school student are being violated, contact Alliance Defense Fund (ADF). The ADF supports The Day of Dialogue.

Equal Access Act Imposes one Difference between Religious Clubs & Other clubs--Sponsors vs. Custodians? (See what Happended at Hunterdon Central High School.)

The Equal Access Act prohibits faculty from serving in any role with a religious student club other than a custodial monitor.  In other words, the teacher-sponsor of a religious club is present only to ensure that the club does not violate school policies or injure school property. (The advisor does not have the authority to tell the club who it can or cannot sponsor to speak at the school and cannot exercise control over the club.) Also, if the students cannot find an advisor, the school has to appoint one. A Bible Club at Hunterdon Central High School initially sponsored a speaker on the topic of “Leaving the Alternative Lifestyle” on 03/22/01 at the Little Theater (click to see PDF flyer on event); however, the Bible Club Officers were misinformed by the advisor. The advisor to a bible club is not allowed to make the decision on whether or not the club can officially sponsor a speaker.

Click the following 3 articles written by a graduate of Hunterdon Central High School and is friends with some of the teachers still there or retired about what happened with the Joshua Generation:

1. Protect Students' Rights--[Letter to the Editor in the Hunterdon County Democrat (06/06/02)]--PDF

2. Bible Club Advisors Merely Monitors [Letter to the Editor in the Courier News (06/12/02)]--PDF

3. Silence and Truth--[Letter to the Editor in the Hunterdon County Democrat (04/24/08)]--PDF (Former Superintendent Lisa Brady defends PULSE and puts her comment below the person who wrote the letter to the editor and stated that PULSE has the legal right to sponser the Day of Silence, which would imply by inference that Joshua Generation has the legal right to The Day of Truth).

What kind of Constitution and Statement of Faith should a Protestant/Evangelical Club have?

The Bible Clubs' Constitution and Statement of Faith should be very detailed in order to prevent the Bible Club from becoming ecumenical or liberal. (This has occurred many times in Bible Clubs.)  Any leaders/officers or voting members should be conservative Protestant/Evangelicals. The general non-voting membership can be open to anyone who wants to join. This is the preferred method because I have personally witnessed many high school Bible Clubs being taken over by liberals who do not believe in the Bible or other non-Protestants--in other words, the Bible Club becomes ecumenical.  A student who is not a conservative Protestant/Evangelical--a person who believes and trusts in the person and work of Christ alone as the one and only basis for their hope, forgiveness and heaven--should not take this as an insult. (I became born-again Christian while in high school and I do encourage Catholic and main-line Protestant high school students to join a Protestant Bible believing club.) The issue is with the organization and what it is teaching, not the individuals per se in the organization. This is why I will equally condemn main-line Protestant churches or so-called Evangelical churches who have officially rejected their original confession of faith and replaced them with a works-based social gospel (a false gospel--Gal. 1:8) and no longer believe in the inspiration, inerrancy, and authority of Scripture--they are false and apostate churches. If one has a Catholic Club, a Jewish Club or a Muslim Club and the leadership/officers elected are true-blue Protestants, then the club is no longer a Catholic Club, a Jewish Club or a Muslim Club. (See the "College Students" link for a more detailed explanation.)

Help for writing a Constitution and Statement of Faith

I have written a Constitution and Statement of Faith that a high school student can download.  A few comments on the Constitution and Statement of Faith:

  • The "Voting Membership Statement of Faith" is very detailed--however, it is broad enough to allow a conservative Protestant Bible believing Baptist, Reformed Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Pentecostal, etc. to be an eligible "Voting Member" and "Officer".
  • The "Non-Voting Membership Statement of Faith" is a brief statement that should be promoted by the club for "Non-Voting" members to accept--it is not mandatory to accept the statement of faith for general membership in the club because the student would be a "Non-Voting" member.
  • The "Constitution" is required by the school and spells out the purpose of the club, qualifications of the members, student leadership, etc.

Click PDF button to download Constitution, Statement of Faith for Voting Members and Statement of Faith for Non-voting Members.

Many high school officials are not Constitutional attorneys and probably do not understand that the law allows Bible Clubs to have restrictions on membership. If you are a high school student and the school denies you a Bible Club or will not allow membership restrictions, please contact the following Christian law firm: The American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ).  The ACLJ will write a letter to the school and take further action if needed.  I would also request their booklet titled Students' Rights and the Public Schools--this is an excellent resource guide to have on your rights as a high school student.

Note: Pro-Lifers Win Battle to Establish Club at Virginia High School (11/14/14)--A quote from the article:

..."This persistent delay and refusal to approve Ms. Sutherland’s club is a violation of her rights and her fellow students’ rights under both the federal Equal Access Act (“EAA”) and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

After citing language from the EAA (U.S.C. 4071) stating that it is unlawful for any public secondary school that receives federal funds to discriminate against any students who wish to conduct a meeting on the basis of the religious, political, philosophical, or other content of the speech at their meetings..."

Should Christian High School students witness and engage the culture?

Princeton_NJ_2005.jpgBiblical Evangelism CD series by Dr. Robert A. MoreyApostle%20Paul's%20Areopagus%20address.jpg
      Witnessing in Princeton, NJ     Biblical Evangelism CD's    Apostle Paul witnessing in Athens

Yes, all Christians should be engaged in apologetics in their day to day witnessing. Christians have been empowered by the Holy Spirit to be Christ's witness bearers (Matt. 28:19, 20; Acts 1:8)--one aspect of witness bearing is the task of apologetics. God wants every believer to be "competent to defend the Faith" (Jude 3). There should be a desire and concern among true Christians in reaching the Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists and so on with the Gospel of Christ. Many of the above mentioned groups only see a false or feminized Christianity being presented in a pagan, immoral America, which they think represents true Christianity. Unfortunately, many of the so-called Christian Churches in America have been infected with the disease of "political correctness." Do not allow unbelieving students, teachers or faculty to intimidate you--engage the "humanist" culture at the school. Write articles in the school paper, join political clubs, support the ROTC, sponsor speakers and even join or start a rifle club, etc. (Most of NJ high schools at one time had rifle clubs -- Rutgers University has one.) Do not feminize the Bible Club--this is sin and will chase away the men from joining the Bible Club. (See" College Students" link for history on the feminization of the Protestant church and Ten Campus Curses.)  Please see the other links on this website to help you defend the Christian worldview and bring glory to Jesus Christ.

Remember: Philosophy and science depend on the Bible for their validity because all the laws of logic are based upon the unalterable character of the God who cannot lie (Heb. 6:18)--anytime the Bible has been investigated empirically and logically, it has been vindicated. Christianity should be accepted because it is true.

May students distribute literature and share the Gospel on School grounds?


A Ray Comfort tract from Living Waters

Yes, a high school students' First Amendment rights include the right to distribute Gospel tracts during non-instructional time. High school students can also were shirts communicating Christian messages. (See my "Witnessing" Tab.)

High School Students: Know your Rights!

1. High Schools Students Lose More of Their Rights
(1957 vs. 2009)

2. Handling Police Encounters

3. What are Your Rights if Arrested? (SAC—Remain Silent, Ask for your Attorney, Do not Consent to giving up or waiving your rights)--PDF

4. How to Defeat Predatory Cops and Prosecutors--see YouTube by top DWI Attorney & former Austin, Texas Police Officer

5. Dale Carson Law--a criminal defense lawyer, who understands the legal system (a former FBI agent, police officer, State Attorney's Office investigator; get his book Arrest_Proof Yourself)

6. National Police Misconduct Report (NPMR) sponsored by the CATO Institute

7. Flex Your Rights

8. Electronic Police State Report (EPS—2009) - PDF

9. Juror's Handbook

10. Marxism Comes to America - PDF

11. 35 States move to reclaim sovereignty under 10th Amendment provision--PDF

12. Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR)--Psychiatry (an industry of Death)

13.   Psychology and the Church - PDF

14. See Local Government Tab to see what is happening in your community.

NRA Foundation Awards $20,000 in College Scholarships (2009)--PDF

Defeating the Totalitarian LieThe New AtheismThe Pink Swatiska

Hot Topics for High School Students to contemplate—your worldview will determine what kind of freedoms you will have in the United States and the world.

A quote from Dr. Gordon H. Clark (1902-1985), one of the most profound and brilliant scholars in the world and graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Christian presuppositions justify civil governments of limited rights, whereas humanistic principles imply either anarchy or totalitarianism.

[There has been a concerted effort by atheists and other enemies of the United Sates to secularize America—Madalyn O’Hair, who led a successful drive to remove prayer and Bible reading from the schools in 1962, was an atheist and belonged to various leftist groups which served as fronts for the Communist party. She chaired the Baltimore chapter of the Communist organization, Fair Play for Cuba and cultivated many relationships with pro-Marxist individuals and groups. The ultimate goal of the anti-theists is to proclaim their unbelief in God and institute totalitarian socialism. Many atheists will admit they are Communists, leftists, or socialists, who have a political commitment to Marx and Hegel. Materialism (anything that is not material does not exist; there is no soul or spirit essence in man and thus no God) empiricism (knowledge is restricted to those objects that can be perceived by our senses; Democratis (460-360 B.C) was the “Father of Materialism”—everything is made of atoms was his creed) came to define atheism during the Renaissance. Out of materialism came Nazism on the right and Marxism on the left. Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) taught that the moral attributes of God; that is, mercy, love and kindness were the source of all decadent “slave ethics”—he called greed and violence “good” and kindness and mercy “evil.” Nietzsche was also an evolutionist who believed in breeding a new master race and the sterilization of misfits—Hitler was an adherent to Nietzsche. Stalin was also an atheist who committed genocide against the Ukrainians—20 million murdered. Many anti-theists want to eliminate or destroy the following: 1. private property; 2. the nuclear family; and 3. religion. The State is supreme.]

[For more information on the above topic, see The New Atheism and the Erosion of Freedom by Dr. Robert A. Morey and The Pink Swastika by Scott Lively & Kevin Abrams--points out how the Nazi SS was made up primarily of sadistic homosexuals and how homosexuality was so ingrained in the Nazi Party and Defeating the Totalitarian Lie by Hilmar Von Campe, who was a former Hitler Youth and now warns the United States that the same ideology is being promoted by the liberals/secular humanists.]

See articles below exposing the truth about Nazism.

Click article Nazism & Communism: Ideological Bedfellows--PDF
Click The Pink Swastika--homosexuality in the Nazi Party.
Click and download The Pink Swastika on PDF
Click The Pink Swastika as Holocaust Revisionist History

Disagreement or an honest analysis of worldviews/religious beliefs in no way implies that a particular race, nationality or culture is superior to another. We are talking about worldviews and a worldview can be superior and true compared to another worldview, which may be false and inferior. All worldviews are not equal! A person can be sincere and still be wrong in his/her worldview.

Western Civilization and Christianity

  • Christianity and Humanism - PDF
  • Christ and Civilization - PDF
  • Rebuilding Freedom in the 21st Century - PDF
  • The Reformation Roots of Western Civilization - PDF
  • Ten Propositions on the Religious Attempt to Change the Law - PDF
  • The Truth about Black Liberal Theology - PDF
  • Black Liberation Theology; the enemy within - PDF
  • Hitler and Christianity - PDF
  • Kwanza is for White Liberals (A FBI Holiday) - PDF
  • Faith and Firearms - PDF
  • Citizens in Arms: The Swiss Experience - PDF
  • The Human Cost of Gun Control - PDF
  • Ayn Rand (1905-1982) - PDF
  • How Would God Vote? - PDF

An Honest Analysis of Other Religious/Philosophical Beliefs

  • Why I am not an Atheist - PDF
  • Atheism and Absolutes - PDF
  • Open Letter to Witches - PDF
  • The Gnostic Gospels - PDF
  • The History of Reincarnation - PDF
  • Hinduism - PDF
  • Buddhism - PDF
  • The Gandhi Nobody Knows (ISBN# 0-8407-5871-5)—[I had to chuckle when I saw Gandhi’s name on a banner in the cafeteria by the Field House at Hunterdon Central High School on June 11, 2005 (The Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Hunterdon Central sponsored an event. Got Truth?--a summer kick-off concert--PDF) Gandhi was a sex pervert who gave rectal enemas to teenage girls and was a pious fraud] - PDF
  • Ghandi and the Black Untouchables - PDF
  • Mother Teresa and Biblical Christianity - PDF
  • Roman Catholicism Today - PDF
  • Greek Orthodoxy - PDF
  • An Evangelical Appraisal of Greek Philosophy in General and Aristotle in Particular - PDF
  • Is Natural Theology Fideistic? - PDF
  • Judaism - PDF
  • Is Historic Judaism in its Rabbinic and Messianic Forms Exclusive or Inclusive? - PDF
  • American Jews and Gay Rights: How social approval seeking has led to the betrayal of Judaism and Fueling of an Insane Movement - PDF
  • Fact Sheet for Muslims - PDF
  • Jihad and the Crusades - PDF
  • Mormons - PDF
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses - PDF
  • 7th Day Adventists - PDF
  • Campbellism and the Church of Christ - PDF
  • Refuting Evolution - a free handbook download for students in English or Spanish by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati (a Physical Chemist & Spectroscopist); see link located at
  • On Genesis: What is the correct interpretation?

Miscellaneous Topics

  • High Schools Students Lose More of Their Rights (1957 vs. 2009) - PDF
  • Marxism Comes to America - PDF
  • The Myth of 90 Percent: Only a Small Fraction of Guns in Mexico Come from the U.S. - PDF
  • “Global Warming” Simply no longer Happening - PDF
  • Cap and Trade—one of the biggest lies ever - PDF
  • Girl Scouts: Lessons in Lesbianism (communists, radical feminists cited as role models for troops) - PDF
  • Sodomites Attack donors to Yes-on-Marriage Amendment - PDF
  • Gay Family kids 7 times more likely to be gay - PDF
  • Pro-Homosexual Researchers Conceal Findings - PDF
  • ‘Gay’ pundit admits ‘hate crimes’ is a scam - PDF
  • Left-wing extremist James Von Brunn kills guard at
    Holocaust Museum - PDF
  • Darwin-led-to-Hitler Video - PDF
  • ACLU Special Report - PDF
  • Are People Born Gay? - PDF
  • Ida: The Missing Link at Last?
  • The Real Story behind Ida

Reviews of Books and Films

  • King Arthur (a film review) - PDF
  • The Shack (a readers review) - PDF
  • Comparsion Chart of Shack with the Bible - PDF
  • The Shack Review website
  • A Review of Ecumenical Jihad by Peter Kreeft - PDF
  • A Review to “Everyone an Answer” by EDS. Beckwith, Craig, and Moreland (Find out what is wrong with this apologetic book) - PDF
  • Dr. Robert A. Morey on Religulous (the movie film released by Bill Maher and Larry Charles—see YouTube below for a critique on film or see for more YouTubes).

Samson and DelilahSamson and TempleSamson kills Phiilistines with JawboneSamson and LionDelilah

See this 1949 classic film by Cecil B. DeMilles titled Samson & Delilah (Judges 13 thru 16). A film about a true Hercules by the name of Samson (sent by the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, approx. date 1118-1071 B.C.). Samson (from the tribe of Dan) was a judge/ruler of Israel for 20 years and fought against the Philistines. The Angel of the Lord visited both Manoah and his wife (Samson's parents) and told his wife--who was barren--that she would bear a son. When they asked the Angel of the Lord what His name was, the Angel of the Lord said, "Why do you ask My name, seeing it is wonderful? (Judges 13:18, NKJV). And when they sacrificed a young goat to the Angel of the Lord and He went up in the flame, "And Manoah said to his wife, We shall surely die, because we have seen God! (Judges 13:22, NKJV) Yes, they saw the Messiah in human form. Samson had miraculous strength and was a Nazirite. Some of Samson's supernatural deeds: Destroyed the Philistine's temple used as a religious sacrifice to their false god Dagon; the Spirit of the Lord came upon Samson and he picked up a fresh jawbone of a donkey and killed a thousand men with it; and he also tore a lion apart. Samson did have a weakness for beautiful women, especially Delilah. She found out his secret: His strength was from his long hair. Of course, his true strength came from Yahweh. Yes, this is a true story that occured in time and space.

12 Tribes of Israel during Joshua's time

Red Sea Parting

Ten CommandmentsThe Brazen Serpent in the Ten Commandments

Moses in the House of RepresentativesKing fountain Washington Park Albany

(Pictures above are Moses parting the Red Sea, The Ten Commandments movie film, The Brazen Serpent curing the Israelites from poisonous snake bites by Benjamin West (1738-1820), Sculpture in the U.S. House of Representatives and a statue of Moses smiting the rock stands in Washington Park, Albany, New York.)

The Ten Commandments by Cecil B. DeMilles in 1956 staring Charlton Heston is a classic. Based on a true story about Moses (approx. date 1525-1407 B.C.) and the Israelites in the Book of Exodus. Moses was adopted by the Egyptian royal family and raised as a Prince in Egypt, but was born to Hebrew parents from the tribe of Levi. Yahweh used him to to free the Israelites who were slaves in Egypt for 400 years. This Yahweh who spoke to Moses in the burning bush was the Annointed One/Messiah or Yeshua Ha-Mashiach. (Click to see the video on evidence on where the Exodus across the Red Sea took place and you can also order the new DVD on theThe Red Sea Crossing that occured a on the ancient "Yam Suph" (modern day "Gulf of Aqaba", aka the "Red Sea") where hundreds of Egyptian chariots have been strewn across the sea floor.

The films above can be purchased at various stores such as Amazon. Recommended that teenagers see these classic movies. Also, see book entitled "The Trinity" by Dr. Robert A. Morey. Yes, the Hebrew teaches a distinction in the Godhead, but only One true God. In Exodus 24:10, "and they saw the God of Israel; and under His feet there appeared to be a pavement of sapphire, as clear as the sky itself." Since the God-Man standing before the leaders was identified as "the God of Israel" (v.10) and as "Yahweh" (v.12), nothing less than absolute deity is possible. This is why they were amazed that they were not struck dead for seeing God (v.11). They did not understand that , while to see God in His essential glory would mean instant death, to see God in a form of a Man did not mean death (see page 124 in The Trinity book).

Important Topics for the Youth that attend an Evangelical Church and why many of the youth (young adults; the Bible teaches that teenagers starting at ages 14 & 15 become young adults and should act like young adults, not wait until they are 35 to grow up) leave the Church after High School (75 to 90%)

(If you are not witnessing for Christ and taking a stand for righteousness at your high school, you have to ask yourself, “Am I really saved?” Is the Lordship of Christ being applied to all areas of life? Why are many teenage Christians not evolved in an officially recognized Bible Club at their high school? Most Christians today do not fear God and, as a result, are carnal, weak, mindless and spineless. Many Youth Groups have become baby-sitting centers as a result of the father’s abdicating their responsibility as head of the household and God’s command to teach His children the Word.)

Babylon / Jesus
The choice is between Babylon (the Mark of the Beast--666) or the Messiah/Anointed One

  • The Cost of Discernment - PDF
  • Ten Campus Curses - PDF
  • Standing on the Cross: An interview with Dr.Robert A. Morey - Dr.Morey was interviewed by B.K.Campbell of The Christian Thinker--PDF
  • The Battle over Truth for Our Youth - PDF
  • Why are 2 out of 3 young people leaving the church? - PDF
  • Survey: Only 1 percent of young adults have a Biblical world view - PDF
  • The Crisis of Christianity - PDF
  • The Seduction of Christianity; the Emergent Church - PDF
  • Does the Bible class abortion with murder? by Dr. Gleason L. Archer - PDF
  • Does the New Testament teach pacifism or the abolition of capital punishment?—by Dr. Gleason L. Archer - PDF
  • How can John 8:11 be reconciled with Romans 13:4 in regard to capital punishment? by Dr. Gleason L. Archer - PDF
  • What is the correct Way to Interpret the Bible? (Hermeneutics) - PDF
  • Alcohol and the Bible - PDF
  • Death , Sheol and Hades - PDF
  • Psychology and the Church - PDF
  • Personality Profiling: Jungian Analysis of Rick Warren’s SHAPE personality profiling - PDF
  • Shocking Youth Message Stun Hearers by Paul Washer(video on YouTube) - PDF
  • Rick Warrens Global P.E.A.C.E Plan vs. Scriptural Teachings on Peace by James Sundquist - PDF

[For more information on these topics above—see the Apologetics link, College Students link, Witnessing link, Personal Finance (economic issues facing this country) Link, Militant Lifestyles (homosexual agenda) link, Global Warming link, etc. on sidebar.]

Helpful websites for High School Students

  • Day of Dialogue—high school students can legally counter the promotion of the homosexual agenda in their high schools by “The Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network” (GLSEN) such as the Day of Silence. through sponsoring clubs on school. (See website for many resources such as shirts, pamphlets, etc. & free legal help.) Also, it is recommended that you purchase the booklet entitled Gay Marriage: Are there Answers? by Ken Ham in addition to the resources supplied by the Day of Dialogue and give to students on the Day of Silence and the Day of Dialogue (it used to be called the Day of Truth).. (Click Answers in Genesis to obtain booklet and see the Militant Lifestyle link on sidebar for more information on homosexuality.)
  • Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)
  • Faith Defenders—Dr. Morey is considered your top theologian & apologist in the world and one of the few exegetical theologians; Faith Defenders offers some of the best apologetic and theological material on all topics—free lectures and articles are also available on website.
  • Frontline Fellowship
  • Watchman Fellowship—profiles on cults.
  • The ACLU Special Report--PDF
  • Climate Depot—learn the truth about Global Warming.
  •—the Global Warming Hoax.
  • Survivors--a Christian Pro-life movement educating High School Students.
  • Born Alive Truth
  • The New American—non-partisan news website.
  • Worldnetdaily—non-partisan news website.
  • Students for the 2nd Amendment
  • Students for Concealed Carry on Campus
  • Creation Ministries International—a creation website; offers a quarterly technical journal called Journal of Creation (learn the whole truth about evolution.)

When I was a kid this was a free country

When I Was a Kid, This Was a Free Country
By G. Gordon Liddy

Alex Jones

Dr.James Manning

AtlahMediaNetwork (AMN)

Dr. James Manning, an African-American radio broadcaster located in Harlem, New York City, is not afraid to expose the truth about our political system.

Listen to his live radio: The Manning Report. Weekdays from 3PM to 6PM ET located at ( Call 646-845-9707 or download on iphone.

Gun Control Kills Kids

“Gun Control” Kills Kids!
Produced by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPO)

“2nd Amendment Today for USA”—a (22.45 minute) Video produced by
JPO that shows how the Bible supports the 2nd Amendment.

An Evening at the Well

An Evening at the Well—Greg Laurie’s group “The Well”

People pay thousands of dollars for silly conferences on how to reach the youth in America for Christ. One of the most difficult demographic is the 18 to 28 year old singles in Southern California. If you are a preacher studying homiletics and wondering where you can learn to be effective in ministering to young people in a postmodern context, then save the thousands of dollars and listen to this track for free and hear for yourself the message that Dr. Morey gave to Greg Laurie’s group “The Well” at Harvest Christian Fellowship. Young people at this event told us that for many of them this was the most monumental and epic event in their Christian life! Dr. Morey tried to end the message after preaching on 2nd Ephesians for over an hour. Listen to the hostile crowd yelling at him to keep preaching and forget about the clock! 1 CD


A Christian Student’s Survival Guide
In this book, Dr. Morey provides a survival manual for high school and college students that gives them information needed to be faithful to the Lord during their high school and college years—a student will be able to defend intellectually (including the Book of Genesis) any argument put forth by the unbelievers. Each chapter concludes with discussion questions making this book perfect for group study. Topics Covered:  The Cost of Discernment, Knowing the God Who Made You, The Christian World View, An Evangelical Appraisal of Aristotle, A Biblical View of Philosophy of Science, Creation Ex Nihilo—what is the correct way to interpret Genesis?, Hermeneutics—how to interpret the Bible correctly, How Do Know the Bible is the Word of God?, The Gnostic Gospels, Cults, the Occult & Parapsychology, World Religions, The New Age Movement, Atheism and Absolutes, A Biblical View of Political Science, Introduction to Apologetics , Snappy Answers to Stupid Objections—special chart dealing with the common objections to the Gospel, etc.

elvisElvis and President Nixon-Elvis gives Nixon a Colt .45 Pistol

Elvis Presley gives President Nixon a commemorative World War II--era Colt .45 pistol in 1970.

A Great Gospel CD by Elvis Presley

Glen CampbellLeft Picture: Glen T. Campbell in 1967

Glen Campbell concert in Siou Falls, South Dakota (2001)

Special Tribute to Glen Campbell -- see his beutiful concert in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 2001 that included "Amazing Grace" (04/22/36 -- 08/08/17) -- Mr. Campbell sold over 45 million records (Mr. Campbell sold more records than the Beatles in 1968) and had 12 Gold Albums and was a Bible believing Christian (a born again Christian). Famous songs: Wichita Lineman, Rhinestone Cowboy, Southern Nights, Galveston, etc.

The Rolling Stones concert called Sweet Summer Sun in Hyde Park, London (09/04/2013) was probably one of the best concerts ever by The Rolling Stones--they were celebrating their 50 year anniversary as a band and they also played in Hyde Park in 1969. Available on CD & DVD.

Start a High School Rifle Club and/or Hunting Club or Archery Club (see website links below for help).

One of the 4,046 boy competitors in Zurich, Switzerland.

Sharpshooting coaching
This girl, one of 1,585 who competed, is being coached in sharpshooting with the Assault Rifle 90, the Swiss service rifle. (2004)

The Boss: Girl instructs air pistol, ages 8 and up in Zurich, Switzerland.


Boy Scout'sWoman and Guns
Boy Scout’s Centennial in A.P. Hill, Va. & Woman & Guns(
See NRA Insights (for teenagers) []

archery Magazine and

Switzerland and Guns

Links to Help start a Rifle Club or Archery Club

  • Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF) -- Clay and Pistol for High School & College
  • MidwayUSA Foundation -- If you know of a High School or College with a shooting team and they need money, contact this organization.
  • NRA Youth Shooting Sports - PDF
  • Start your Own Juniors Team--PDF
  • Westland High School (Ohio) Cheerleader is hooked on hunting—PDF
  • Teachers Day at the Range at CRRC (Princeton, NJ)--PDF
  • Can We Make Our Schools Safer? - PDF
  • Safety and Shooting—PDF
  • Shooting Places in New Jersey (Chart)--PDF
  • United States Practical Shooting Association-see USPSA’s Junior Program.
  • Zurich
    View of Zurich, Switzerland and the Lake—
    “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”
    (Genesis 1:1, The 1599 Geneva Study Bible—see
    ( )

    Read article for further details on a citizens' responsibility of being armed entitled Faith and Firearms by Dr. Peter Hammond—PDF

  • CenterShot Archery Ministries (a Christian ministry) will be hosting free archery lessons this summer (2011) for the youth and adults plus Bible study. Contact Jeff Yerkes (Buckingham, PA) at 215-794-0855 or e-mail him at
  • Archery Range Polices and Courses--The Heritage Guild, Easton, Pa and Branchburg, NJ
  • National Field Archery Association
  • Somerset County Fish & Game Protection Association (SCFGPA) has a junior rifle club. [Congratulations to a female 17-year-old Hunterdon Central High School junior who qualified to compete in the NJ Junior Olympic Rifle Championship and a male 15-year-old Immaculata sophomore from Bridgewater—both are members of the Somerset Junior Rifle Club. (See February 14, 2008 Courier News front page article-- www.C-N.Com.)]
  • Pennsylvania Rifle and Pistol Association-should be able to offer support/advise on how to start a Pennsylvania high school or college rifle club and/or hunting club.
  • Hempfield Area High School has its own Rifle Range & Rifle Club (Spartan Rifle)—an excellent model for high schools to follow.  Yes students can start a Rifle Club and/or Hunting Club in high schools (contact NRA Foundation below for help); however, most high schools will not build their own Rifle Range.  In the 1950’s & 1960’s most New Jersey High Schools had Rifle Clubs. The Rifle Clubs have been a great blessing for the students and country.  It teaches safety, marksmanship and respect for firearms use and is important for Homeland Security. I know an older gentleman who attended a very large high school (Brooklyn Technical High School) during the late 1950’s & early 60’s and would carry his .22 caliber rifle on the New York City Subway legally with an ammunition can to the high school and leave it in the classroom! Brooklyn Technical High School had a rifle range and rifle club—this is when the schools taught that there are absolutes and God was the one who determined right and wrong.  Our Constitution and Bill of Rights were worth fighting for.  (Hunterdon Central High School in Flemington, NJ years ago would close the school on the 1st day of hunting season.)
  • Central High School, Newark, NJ--A person who attended Central High School between 1944 - 1948 belonged to their Rifle Club--that is correct, the school had a shooting range and Rifle Club at the school and rifles were kept at the school locked up until the club needed to use them at the range. This is when America was free and many people feared God.
  • Shooting Contest

    Knabenschiessen [boys’ (young adults; ages 13-17) shooting Contest in Zurich, Switzerland.] The greatest shooting festival in the world where boys and girls shoot military service rifles over three days amid an enormous fair every year in Zurich, Switzerland—it has been held since 1657. Every male is expected to serve in the militia army on reaching age 20 where they take home their fully automatic rifle [SIG Strumgeweher (assault rifle) model 1990 (Stgw 90) with grenade launcher]. Official Fair website:

    Zurich Building

    College Calvin, now a preparatory school for the Swiss Maturite. The most celebrated American historian, George Bancroft, called John Calvin [(7/10/1509—5/27/1564), one of the greatest Protestant Reformers] "the father of America," and added: "He who will not honor the memory and respect the influence of Calvin knows but little of the origin of American liberty." To John Calvin and the Genevan theologians, President John Adams credited a great deal of the impetus for religious liberty (Adams, WORKS, VI:313). This document includes a justification for rebellion to tyrants by subordinate government officials; this particular justification was at the root of the Dutch, English, and American Revolutions.

Vladimir Putin at shooting range

We do have to give President Vladimir Putin credit--he is a gun enthusiast, hunter, fisherman, motorcycle rider, skier, pianist, judo expert, served as a Lt. Colonel in the military, etc. A true James Bond of the 21st century.

Russian IPSC--shooting competition using pistols, rifles and shotguns (site in Russian).

Izhmash--"Izhmash" OJSC is the largest producer in Russia of firearms--OJSC was founded by the order of the Russian Tsar Alexander l in 1807.

Most of the Russian provinces have their high school students learn how to shoot guns--they will have this once a year (a military day). The only thing U.S. high school students have once a year is the Day of Silence to promote homosexuality (a sin day).

Vladimir Putin, now in full control of Russia as Prime Minister, wishes to build a strong Christian Nation. In a televised Christmas message on January 7 2008 Putin said:

“The Russian Orthodox Church contributes to the promotion of moral values in society. One should not completely draw a line between the culture and the church. Of course by law in our country the church is separate from the state. But in the soul and the history of our people it’s all together. It always has been and always will be.”

General Defense Outfitters

  • General Defense Outfitters (GDO)--owner (Gunnar) was a former U.S. Marine and Licenced Firearms Dealer that has Class III license and can sell to Law Enforcement--Gunnar Kiermaier's U.S Marine Survival Kits ( that includes gas masks, water filteration bottles, freeze-dried foods, tools, blankets, etc.; optional gun if qualified) and non-hybrid seeds or open-pollinated seeds that allows the gardener to collect seeds from a crop for future planting--the government has proposed regulating seeds. Great deals on firearms, knives, scopes, lasers, ammunition, airsoft & paintball guns, etc. Yes, NJ residents with a Firearms ID card can purchase rifles in PA. Located in New Hope, Pa.--across the Stockton Bridge. Contact Gunnar at 215-297-5444 or e-mail him at Website located at
  • Attention High School and College Students: General Defense Outfitters (GDO) sells Drago Assualt Backpacks for a reasonable price that will hold up to the abuse students put their backpacks through at school. Gunnar will even create a custom backpack for you that includes flashlights, compass, blankets, First Aid Kits, etc.

International and Domestic Shooting Competition OrganizationsUSPSA FlagsRussian flag

  • International Practical Shooting Confederation (I.P.S.C) -- worldwide chapters in many countries such as Czech Republic, South Africa, France, Italy, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, etc. (see Regions on IPSC website).
  • International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA)
  • United States practical Shooting Association (USPSA)
  • Teenagers Looking for a place to shoot—see Junior Shooters for locator.
  • Switzerland's Teenage Shooters—see Stephen P. Halbrook's website.
  • Students for Concealed Carry on Campus—for college students 21 years & older who have a conealed carry permit.
  • Gun Owners of America
  • God's Great Outdoors—join us on a trail of adventure!
  • Christian Bowhunters of America
  • Lord of the Harvest Archery Club
  • Farmers and Hunters—feeding the hungry.

  • Dallas Safari Club
  • Students for the Second Amendment-works mainly on college and university campuses to bring the truth about our constitutionally protected rights to students who have been mislid by the academic establishment(will help with setting up club).
  • NRA Youth Programs-Youth Education summit & Scholarship Program, Youth Wildlife Art Contest, Shooting Sports Camps, InSights (NRA's magazine for youth/teenagers), etc.
  • NRA InSights-Youth Education summit & Scholarship Program, Youth Wildlife Art Contest, Shooting Sports Camps, InSights (NRA's magazine for youth/teenagers), etc.
  • Junior Shooters-a magazine dedicated to junior shooters (8 to 21); the magazine is also sold in Borders Book Store.
  • NRA Foundation- namy programs offered to the youth. (See the namy scholarships offered by the NRA Foundation to high school students)
  • NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund-also offers scholarly writing contests for K-12
  • Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs-should be able to offer support/advice on how to start a New Jersey high school or college rifle club and/or hunting club.
  • Somerset County Fish & Game Protective Associationest. 1921. Location: 445 Milltown Road, Bridgewater, NJ 08807-a gun range.
  • Bucks County Fish & Game Association est. 1894. Location: 1745 Turk Road, Doylestown, PA 18901--a high quality outdoor.indoor gun range.

Articles on why the 2nd Amendment is important

Start an Airsoft and Paintball Gun High School Club

Women & Guns USASOC
Women & Guns

Free Online Airsoft Magazine - U.S.A.S.O.C./The Magainze

Airsoft and Paintball Guns

Organizations and Articles for help with the Airsoft and Paintball Sport in your high school.[There is no license required for paintball guns or airsoft guns--Federal law preempts State, and local law.  Under U.S.C. Title  15 §  5001, no State or locality may prohibit the sale of paintball guns, pellet-firing air guns or traditional BB guns. A person should still observe safety rules and act responsibly when using airsoft guns--do not bring to school, it can be mistaken for a real gun and is illegal [N.J.S. 2C:39-5e. (3)]. Only a written authorization of the governing officer of the institution, high school, college, etc. exempts a person from bringing a firearm or non-lethal gun on school premises—yes, the governing officer in your high school can grant permission for students in a school sponsored club to possess airsoft guns on school premises or a real firearm for sporting purposes.  Airsoft guns, by law, are required to have an Orange Tip on the muzzle. This is for general purposes only and a person should consult with an attorney or law enforcement agencies on the current laws in your state—laws change.  There are still high schools in this nation that have their own shooting ranges and rifle clubs located on school premises—this was common in New Jersey high schools well into the 60’s.]

Airsoft and Paintball Gun Laws

Air Gun and Soft Air Gun Law in NJ
(always verify the current  laws in your State; for general information purposes only)—PDF

Paintball Gun Law in NJ (always verify the current laws in your State; for general information purposes only)--PDF

List of Paintball & Airsoft Ranges

Airsoft and Paintball Gun Organizations

  1. United States Airsoft Practical Shooting Associates (junior division)
  2. Airsoft Competitions and Real Practice with Airsoft Guns - PDF
  3. Self-Defense (Airsoft Training)—PDF
  4. U.S.A.S.O.C (Free on-line Airsoft Magazine)
  5. Warpig  (Field Finder for Paint Ball Ranges—PA & All States)
  6. Federation of Airsoft Standards and Training (FAST)
  7. National Airsoft Tactical Operations
  8. International Airsoft Practical Shooting   
  9. The Millennium Series (paintball)—European Millennium Series.                 
  10. Action Pursuit Games—world’s leading magazine of paintball sports.                   
  11. U.S. Army Paintball
  12. Christian Paintball Players Association
  13. GF Airsoft Indoor Arena -join the GF Airsoft Club in New Jersey.

Websites to purchase Airsoft and Paintball guns and accessories

  • Airsoft Atlanta--a great selection of non-lethal guns for training or just having fun. No license required for airsoft guns--U.S.C. Title 15 § 5001 preempts State, and local law. (A person should still observe safety rules and act responsibly when using airsoft guns--do not bring to school, it can be mistaken for a real gun and is illegal.) Airsoft guns, by law, are required to have an orange Tip on the muzzle.
  • UMAREX (Arnsberg, Germany)--Gas airsoft (Elite Force 4-VI M4 & MP7 H&K, paintball/rubberball & manuals.
  • God Father (GF) Airsoft Stores in NJ - located at 17 Wineakoning Road, Flemington, NJ 08822 and 299 Rt.22 East, Green Brook, NJ 08812 (the main store to purchase airsoft products).
  • ActionVillage--one of the largest online paintballstores. This is a great way for getting teenagers interested in shooting sports. (No license required for paintball guns or airsoft guns--Federal law preempts State, and local law. Under U.S.C. Title  15 §  5001, no State or locality may prohibit the sale of paintball guns, pellet-firing air guns or traditional BB guns. (A person should still observe safety rules and act responsibly when using paintball guns.) 
  • Spartan Imports--Spartan Imports is the exclusive US distributor of high-end airsoft automatic electric guns (AEG) and products by Classic Army, Inokatsu, KWA, Tokyo Marui, Maruzen, and Marushin. We are based in the United States. New gas operated M4’s and MP5’s will be released soon.
  • X-Caliber Tactical—they make a new high-end airsoft gun (non-lethal) called the Strafer Mark 4 Model 1. The MK 4 is powered by CO2 or high-pressure air that is carried in an external tank slung on the back or stored in a pouch.
  • Airsoft Extremethey sell gas operated M4 rifles such as the WE SCAR (Green Gas or Co2—see Other Weapons) and Sigarms gas airsoft guns.
  • Real Action Paintball—T38 SplitFire marker is designed to replicate the M4.
  • Airsoft Competitions and Real Practice with Airsoft Guns - PDF
  • Game Face--they make airsoft and paintball protection masks.
  • PMI--a paintball store.

Start a Political Club at High School Freedom Campaign

Ron Paul in Tampa, Florida 2012-RNC

Dr. Ron Paul (Texas Congressman--R) made one of his Last Speeches in Tampa, Fl at the 2012 RNC

Yes, students can form a political club at high school such as a the National Teen Aage Republicans (TARS) or the Constitution Party, etc. Students should try to influence both major parties (Democrats and Republicans) and other third parties to put the Constitution, Bill of Rights (which includes the 2nd Amendment) and country first.  Unfortunately, both major parties have been heavily influenced by the one-worlders, secular humanists, and free-traders (Karl Marx supported free-trade) who do not believe in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. (For a list of different political parties, see below.)

Take the test: "How would God Vote?"—PDF

Links to Various Political Parties that can Help with Starting a Club (NJIAT does not endorse any political parties, but does encourage citizens to analyze the different parties positions from a Constitutional and Biblical worldview and try to change any unconstitutional or unbiblical positions taken by the various political parties, if possible—sometimes a person might have to leave a political party if most of those policies endorsed are against God and country). 

Search Bills, Voting Records and who is donating to the politicians

See the Politics/Voting Tab for the above.

What is a Rockefeller Republican or Democrat? 

[See the Politics/Voting Tab for a definition and explanation for the above and also on what the requirements are for a U.S. President and meaning of "Natural- Born Citizen"--Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5--both parents have to be U.S. citizens at time of birth.]

What positions and laws should the Republican, Democrat & Third parties support and not support?

stop Agenda 21

(To find out if your local municipality, town or city is implementing Local Agenda 21, see Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI)--click "Members" on top bar menu and then on the left side column click on "Global Members". After you click, click, click you will be redirected to a webpage of all the local government "global members" of ICLEI, listed in alphabetical order by country;The Forced Depopulation of America's Rural Area--Agenda 21 and Forced Indigenous Population out of Rural Areas. & The Smoking Gun: The Direct Link between Agenda 21 and Local Planners & Rockefellers Fund "Sustainable" Plot.

Both major parties should not be promoting or legislating wickedness such as civil unions, gay marriage, gay adoption, abortion, androgyny [ (Rom. 1:26-27); cross-dressing is even condemned (Deut. 22:5)], hate crime laws (a code word for silencing different opinions or restricting or outlawing religious freedom that has already occurred in Canada and many parts of Europe), anti-2nd Amendment laws (the right of self-defense) against law-abiding citizens, anti-military, anti-family [mocking the father’s headship in the  family and male’s headship in the church-- the early church did have women deaconesses and elders (mature women/spiritually mature—1 Timothy 5:9-13, Titus 2:3-5, the presbutidas-i.e., women elders); however, the women elders discipled the young women and were under the authority of the male elders and had no authority over the men in the church and were not pastors], oppression of widows, orphans, etc. (James 1:27), exploiting the wage earner/advice to the rich (James 5:4-5), persecuting the Boy Scouts, laws against drilling for oil in our own land, appointing activist/humanist judges who do not believe in the original intent of the Constitution, global warming laws (based on pseudo-science), uncontrollable/unsealed borders with rampant illegal immigration, etc.

Nations will be judged by the Almighty God of the Bible on their anti-Biblical laws legislated in addition to the rejection of the Messiah—

For all the nations have drunk from the wine of her sexual immorality, and the kings of the earth have committed sexual immorality with her. The merchants of the earth have become rich from the power of her luxury. Then I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, so that you don’t participate in her sins and suffer from her plagues. For her sins are piled as high as heaven, and God has remembered her crimes. Do to her as she herself has done. Give her double for her deeds. Mix a double drink for her in the cup she mixed. [Revelation 18:3-6 (ISV).]

Sometimes a citizen has to vote for the lesser of two evils; however, if a Christian or non-Christian votes for candidates who have sold out to humanistic, anti-God and Unconstitutional positions, this is sin and not applying the Lordship of Christ in all areas of life .

A nation's culture reflects its worldview (beliefs, values, morals, etc.)

Parmenides 515_540 BCHeraclitus 535 BC

Parmenides (515/540 BC) & Heraclitus (535 BC) by Johannes Moreelse (1603 - 1634)

A nation’s culture reflects its worldview (beliefs, values, morals, etc.)  A culture is judged on the basis of its laws, which are codified beliefs, values, and morals (Jeremiah 6:22-23; Titus 1:12-13).  Pre-Christian Greek and Roman pagan cultures codified anti-biblical laws supporting infanticide, abortion, child abuse and rape, suicide, incest, murder for entertainment, etc.  These laws were changed after the Christians became involved in the culture-forming process in the Roman Empire.  There are no secular/sacred, nature/grace (Thomas Aquinas), mind/matter (Plato), form/essence (Aristotle) and phenomenal/noumenal (Emmanuel Kant) dichotomies taught in the bible—Christ is Lord over all of life as taught by the Bible and Reformation, which believed in sola scriptura (special revelation) in deciding truth, morals, justice and beauty.  Yes, all of life is under the Lordship of Christ—all of life is religious and there is no secular realm. Unfortunately, Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274 A.D.) embraced Aristotle’s philosophy [although his intention was to defend Christianity] and the return of the dichotomistic thought of “Essence/ Form” that became “Grace/ Nature”— reason vs. faith, which was renamed “nature” and “grace”; some things were true according to reason and some things were true according to faith.  This is not Biblical. The real debate is between “special revelation” vs. “human reason”, “experience”, etc. in determining truth—one cannot have absolutes without a sovereign God.

 (In other words, it was an attempt by the Greek philosophers to reconcile the contradictory philosophies of pre-Socratic philosophers Parmenides (6th-5th century B.C. and “The Father of Rationalism”), which taught:

  • Reality is what you think it is (human autonomy, ontological thinking)
  • Being is static and eternal—does not move or change, no such thing as rust
  • Reality is perfect
  • There are no particulars—the car is not separate from the parking lot
  • The crippled guy is an illusion; this is what Hinduism--whose origins can be traced to a mysterious tribe of Europeans called the Aryans, who invaded and conquered Northern India between 1500 BC and 500 BC (the light skinned Brahmins of Northern India claim to be their physical and spiritual descendants)--Zen Buddhism, Christian Science Church teach; that is--there is no evil, there is no pain, there is no death, reality is an illusion, etc. and,

Heraclitus (6th-5th century B.C. and “The Father of Empiricism” and “Skepticism”), which taught:

  • Knowledge is related strictly to the senses—it comes by way of the senses (touch, taste, smell, hear and feel)
  • Knowledge is reduced to things experienced from the five senses
  • No such thing as being
  • Everything is changing (in flux)—nothing remains the same
  • Change is real; permanence is an  illusion1

1Dr. Robert A. Morey,  “The Ancient Philosophers,” A Modern Day Apologist, A Collection of Classics 1972 to 2007, 35th Anniversary Anthology (Christian Scholars Press) pages 271-283. (

The Failure of Greek Philosophy

Both Parmenides and Heraclitus’s philosophies were failures and all subsequent philosophies thereafter except Biblical Christianity (special revelation).  Absolute idealism does not correspond to experience, which is the final test.  Pour hot water on an idealist who says there is no pain and you will discover there is pain. Also, if every thing is one, perfect, and all is God, where did evil come from?  Senses are not trustworthy either and hence you end up with no knowledge. Individuals (adhering to empiricism) are assuming that only thru your senses you can have knowledge and they realize you cannot have certain knowledge because one’s senses can be unreliable like looking at an oar in the water—to be certain there that there is no certain knowledge is self-refuting

Aquinas opened the door for secular humanism to take over politics, ethics, science, Western philosophy, art, and theology in Europe and America. This is why the secular humanists want to root out all sacred symbols from our society such as “In God we trust” on our coins.  Also, American Christians developed an inward focus on personal piety—as a result of the Fundamentalist-Liberal debate in the 1920’s--to the exclusion of any concern for the culture-forming process.  (This extreme separationism was in clear violation of Apostle Paul’s explicit statements in I Cor. 5:9-13.) It is sad that many so-called Christians in the 21st century would not know a Christian World and Life View if it bit them on the “ASS”.  

[For further information on Greek philosophy (Natural Theology), see the Apologetics tab on this website. Apostle Paul was hostile and caustic towards Greek philosophy, “See to it that no one enslaves you through philosophy and empty deceit according to human tradition, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ” (Colossians 2:8, ISV).]

What about U.S. Citizens who have different faiths?


Persian King Cyrus, reigned from 559 to 530 BC (Le Grand et Les Hebreux) by Jean Fouqet (1470)

It is in the best interest for any U.S. citizen no matter what their religious background is (Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Skeptic, Jew, liberal Protestant, Catholic, etc.) to vote for candidates that stand for a biblical worldview mentioned above because it will guarantee your religious freedom and rights granted to you under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Promoting secular humanism (man is the measure of all thingsand there are no absolutes—everything is relative)and voting for humanist politicians will guarantee the elimination of your freedoms and bring judgment on this nation!   A quote from Charles Dickens in 1845 about the Protestant Swiss canton influence on economics and politics between nations:

On the Protestant side, neatness, cheerfulness, industry, education, continued aspiration after better things. On the Catholic side, dirt, disease, ignorance, squalor and misery. I have so constantly observed the like of this since I first came abroad, that I have a sad misgiving that the religion of Ireland lies at the root of all its sorrows.

Note: The 1960’s hippies (which were called by some of the Sheriff’s Officers, who worked in the Hunterdon County jail located in NJ in the 1960’s & 70’s, “simple-minded hippies”—the county jails were under the Sheriff’s Dept. at that time) who promoted so-called love (unauthorized nooki before marriage & other forms of immorality) over war did not understand the definition of love.  Love rejoices in truth according to the Apostle and the word “truth” defined biblically is used in its ethical sense of “righteousness according to God’s law.”  It means “Right or True living” (1 John 1:6; 3 John 3, 4).

What about the State’s authority over citizens?  A summary extracted from The Encyclopedia of Practical Christianity, page 504, by Dr. Robert A. Morey about the State’s authority over citizens:

Coup D'Etat by the US

  • All authority resides in God(Dan. 4: 28-37, Matt. 28-18).
  • All human authority is delegated authority, which means God will hold the person or institution accountable to Him for how they used their authority (Rev. 20: 11-5)
  • No person or institution has absolute or intrinsic authority by God (John 19: 10-11)
  • God's delegated authority is only valid to leaders according to scriptural guidelines and functions within Scriptural limitss.
  • The Scriptures recognize four (4) sovereign spheres of authority
    1. Church (1 Thess 5:12-13, Heb. 13:17 ,24 etc)
    2. State (Rom. 13: 1-7; 1 Pet 2: 13-17 etc)
    3. Family (Eph. 5:22-29; Eph. 6: 1-4, etc)
    4. Business (Eph. 6: 5-9; 1 Pet. 2: 18-19, etc)

The spheres might interact with each other, but should never invade each other in order to take authority which God delegated to the different spheres.  One example, the State should not be dictating to the church what it can preach or believe in—the State has delegated and limited authority by God in Scripture (Rom. 13::1-7).

Note: A legitimate government (per Bible) could be a Constitutional Republic, Parliamentary Republic, Monarchy, etc. However, a civil government becomes illegitimate and tyrannical (per Bible) when it takes control of all life.  Examples of tyranny in a government when its leaders controls or denies the following:

  • Freedom of religion;
  • Free speech;
  • Lawful assembly;
  • The right of self-defense (not allowing ownership of firearms--gun confiscation or very restrictive control);
  • Private property, etc.  

This is why a foreign policy of promoting Democracy is a farce. This country (USA) is a Republic and not a Democracy.  Democracies usually will not work in other countries such as the Middle East unless the society adopts a Biblical Protestant/Calvinist worldview. Otherwise the citizens of a country will elect leaders who will deny those rights that the United States enjoys because they are electing people based on their worldview—our government should be promoting or demanding the above mentioned rights are granted to citizens of every nation as basic human rights, not that they have a Democracy. Western Europe, Australia and Canada are Democratic nations, but this is what has happened in these countries:

  • Persecuting people of the Christian faith (Germany arrested Christian parents for home schooling their children);  
  • Hate crime laws (silencing free speech such as religious teachings against homosexuality);
  • Canada, Australia and Sweden have already arrested Christian pastors for speaking out against homosexuality and other religions;
  • Japan is a police state;
  • Confiscation of firearms from law-abiding citizens that want to protect themselves from criminals or an evil government (in Africa, Western and Eastern European countries millions of innocent citizens have died because of gun confiscation—see 2nd Amendment link on website) and so on.

Wow, Democracy has really brought freedom in these secular humanist nations! Of course, it is better than communism (an evil system), but Western Europe is heading towards or is already an anti-God, socialist police state because they have rejected Biblical Protestant Christianity. [Two recommended books on this subject: 1. When is it Right to Fight? by Dr. Robert A. Morey; 2. A Christian View of Men and Things, by Dr. Gordon H. Clark

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