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Inteview with Dr. Walter Martin on the cultsDr. Walter Martin, the founder of Christian Research Institute comments on major doctrines of: Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, Christian Science, The Way International, Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, Transcendental Meditation, Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God, Baha'I, Baghwan Shree Rajneesh, Seventh-Day Adventism, Roman Catholicism. Click Interview with Dr. Walter Martin on Cults on The John Ankerberg Show to purchase DVD.

Apologetics Round Table in Florida (1991) on The John Ankerberg Show with Dr. Robert A. Morey, Dr. Gleason Archer, Dr. Kaiser, John Weldon, Dave Hunt, etc. --watch the 2 hour YouTube (8 professors and teachers covering many subjects defending Christianity) & Video entitled "Mormonism 2014" by Dr. Robert A. Morey (addresses many other important issues) & A Few Thoughts on Apostacy & Theologically Correct Pseudo Scholars & Reformation Sunday--What has happened to Evangelical Pastors? & State-Run Churches Caught Red-Handed: Many(501(c)(3) Pastors promote Government Viewpoints rather than Liberty (08/11/14) & The Club of Rome (TV) & Cult Recruiting Methods & When Leaders Deceive a Slumbering and Unwary Public.

Warning alert: The Sellout Has Begun. Why was Greg Johnson (Standing Together Ministries), Joseph Tkach, Jr. (Worldwide Church of God renamed Grace Communion International on 04/15/09), who still refuses to publicly admit that Herbert Armstrong was a False Prophet, Richard Mouw (President of Fuller Seminary), Ravi Zacharias (who preached a positive message at the LDS Tabernacle), Craig Hazen (Biola University) and Michael Card (Christian singer) at the LDS Tabernacle in Salt Lake, Utah?
Movement alert: For further information on the unbiblical teachings of the Worldwide Church of God and the Hebrew Roots Movement, click Worldwide Church of God and Jim Staley and the Hebrew Roots Movement (Discovering your Biblical Identity). Also, see Exit & Support Network and article entitled "Neil Earle Whitewashes Herbert Armstrong"), who is pastor of New Covenant Fellowship in Glendora, Ca.


Todays Religions and Spirituality by James K Walker

Recommended books: A Christian Student's Survival Guide by Dr. Robert A. Morey published by Faith Defenders (the book covers World Religions, Cults and the Occult and How to Defend the Faith, etc.) ,One World by Tal Brooke published by Spiritual Counterfeits Project and Today's Religions and Spirituality by James K. Walker published by Watchman Fellowship, Inc. and Interview with Dr. Walter Martin on Cults DVD.

One World by Tal Brooke

Listed below are Christian ministries specializing in cults. The term "cult" does not imply that the person/persons in a "cult" are evil.  I would define a "cult" as any leader claiming equal or greater authority than the Bible, claims to be a Christian and denies the historic doctrines of Biblical Christianity. The Christian ministries listed below all endorse freedom of religion in both thought and expression. While supporting the rights of divergent views, it is also exercising its freedoms (press, speech and religion).

Introduction to Cults & Hermeneutics: How to Interpret the Bible for All 'Its' Worth and

John Piper's false teaching on "Pacifism" and his "anti-Second Amendment" position is refuted by Dr. Robert A. Morey: Listen to "When Is It Right To Fight" by Dr. Robert A. Morey on" RemnantXRadio--Refuting the Pacifists" with Worley And Bowling. The book entitled "In His Steps" is an unbiblical book that feminized Christianity. The book entitled "In His Steps" by Charles Monroe Sheldon in 1896 took an unbiblical position on defending yourself that also contributed to a feminized Protestant Christianity in America. This is why the Irish Catholics filled the police departments because the Protestant men became brainwashed by this teaching--it is not Christian to be a policeman, military soldier or have a gun at home to defend your family! Let your wife be raped--what a husband! All Christians should have rifles (semi-automatic) and handguns at home and should obtain a "concealed carry license". See Second Amendment tab, Right to Carry and Police/Sportsmen tab on this website. Also, see Self-Defense and ownership of Guns by Dr. Wayne Grudem. By the way, many cults teach "Pacifism" such as the former Worldwide Church of God although their leader (Armstrong) had body guards.

Note: There was a recent article published by The Washington Post entitled John Piper: Why I disagree with Jerry Falwell Jr. (12/23/15) that twists Scriptural passages out of context and violates every Hermeneutical principle. Unfortunately, John Piper is post-evangelical and has embraced liberal doctrines--he is an idiot. John Piper's position/doctrine left the Holocaust of the Jews and now wants Christians to walk into the ovens for their Holocaust by not defending themselves. Also, read another misguided and ignorant so-called Evangelical, Rob Schenck (Evangelical Church Alliance), who is against gun ownership and does not understand that self-defense is taught in the Bible. We can now understand why the Christians in America are so dumbed-down.

Topics Covered:

1. Link List of Websites Dealing with Cults, 2. About Organizations & Official Doctrines (Dr. Franics Schaeffer--a true 20th century Prophet) , 3. Historical Note: There was No Roman Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, etc. Church in the 1st century , 4. Jehovah's Witnessess, Mormons, 7th Day Adventism, Campbellism, Black Liberal Theology, Moonies, New Age, etc., 5. Answers to Roman Catholic Friends & Eastern Orthodox Friends, 6. What is Happening to the Evangelical Churches?, 7. False Doctrines, Heretics & Sell Outs Exposed in the Evangelical Church, 8. Churches supporting U.S. Domestic & Foreign policies that are against the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, 9. The Gandhi Nobody Knows & Tal Brooke's analysis on the Indian Gurus, who he studied under and is a Princeton University alumni, 10. Martin Luther King Jr., a great man, condemned homosexuality & Dr. James Manning on Civil Rights, Larry Pinkey (Black Panther) on Obama, 11. Billy Graham gets rebuked by Dr. John MacArthur & Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, 12. The Truth about the New Pope Francis, John II, Sister Teresa & letter to Maranatha High School in CA (11/11/06), 13. Rick Warren & Joel Osteen?, 14. Evangelicals taking Money from Korean Rev. Sun Myung Moon & Rockefeller Fund & CIA Connections, 15. Psychology and the Church, 16. Pre-Tribulation Cult Worship & Misled Prophecy Gurus (Cahn & Price),17. Worldwide Church of God (renamed Grace Communion International) and Herbert Armstrong, a false prophet, 18. Jim Staley & the Hebrew Roots Movement?, 19. Legalism and Being in a Cult are not the same thing, 20.There are 6 (six) Covenants in the Bible that most Christians do not understand, and 21. Gentile Nations were judged on the Moral Laws, not the Ceremonial Laws or Mosaic Covenant .

Link List of Websites dealing with Cults & False Teachings

About Organizations and an Analysis of the Official Doctrines of the Organization to Determine if the Organization is Apostate, a Cult & False

Dr. Francis A SchaefferApostle Paul's Areopagus address

Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer (01/30/1912 - 05/15/1984) a true 20th century apostle/prophet and defender of the faith & Apostle Paul in Athens by Raphael (1483-1520)

Some of the organzations believe in the Trinity, but are either ultra legalistic that border on cultic behavior or have a False Gospel (Earn Salvation by Works). The Analysis is on Doctrine and the Official teachings of the Organization, not attacking the motives of the individuals. Just because you have a true believer sitting in the pew, does not mean the church they belong to is not an apostate and false church. This is why we will equally condemn those "main-line" Protestant Churches that have now denied the inerrancy and authority of Scripture, deny the Gospel, and who have officially rejected their original confession of faith and replaced them with a works-based social gospel as false and apostate churches.

This does not imply that a few of the listed groups below do not have any true Christians sitting in the pews that accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior (by faith alone, thru Christ alone, by grace alone) and do not trust in their own good works to earn or merit them salvation (we expect to see them in Heaven)--however, the first three listed (Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and Black Liberal Theology) below have a different Jesus than what is taught in the Bible (they deny the Ontological Trinity and the eternal pre-existent Christ).

Historical note: There was no Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, Baptist Church, Methodist Church, etc. in the 1st century (the word "church" comes from the Greek ekklesia (see Doctrine of the Church) which means "assembly" or "gathing." The church is the bride of Christ. In other words, the church consists of all true believers regardless of denominational affliation). Christ is the head of the Church: "And He put all things under His feet, and gave Him to be head over all things to the church, which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all" (Ephesians 1:22-23, NKJV).

The ungodly are justified "solely" (i.e. "only") through faith in Jesus Christ. It is "imputed righteousness." Day after day every priest stands and repeatedly offers the  same sacrifices that can never take away sins. But when this priest had offered for all time one sacrifice for sins, "he sat down at the right hand of God." Since that time, he has been waiting for his enemies to be made a footstool for his feet. For by a single offering he has perfected for all time those who are being sanctified. (Hebrews 10:11-14, ISV.)

A body or organization that claims to be Christian is to be judged by their doctrines/teachings if they are Biblical (the Bible is the ultimate authority per Christ)--see the FAQ Tab for further information. Just because one is sitting in a true Bible believing church does not guarantee that all in the congregation are true believers--many are false converts or what the Bible calls professing Christians, not part of the true Christian Church who have been redeemed by Christ (Rom. 5:1).]

Historical note: Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons and 7th Day Adventists came out of Campbellism. Also, see Video entitled Mormonism 2014 by Dr. Robert A. Morey. Black Liberal Theology, Moonies, and New Age. (Remember the test of a True Prophet of God: Deut. 18:21-22.)

Jehovah's Witnesses

C.T. Russell

Left: Charles Taze Russell (02/16/1852 -- 10/31/1916)

They deny the Ontological Trinity and the eternal pre-existent Christ. Also, Charles Taze Russell and the Jehovah's Witnesses organization has made numerous false prophecies that is documented. The Jehovah's Witnesses originally taught that the "last days" began in 1799, Jesus returned invisibly in 1874 and the end of the world would take place in 1914. When 1914 came and went, they reprinted their books and put 1916. The new President Rutherford (Russell passed away in 1916) changed the date to 1925 because his false prophecy of 1918. Russell's prophecy also failed on 1925. The 1874 date was dropped and 1914 was substituted for the invisible return of Christ. In 1975, the Jehovah's Witnesses falsely predicted the end of the world. 27% of the membership left the Watchtower after 1975. Yes, an article in the Watchtower magazine dated April 1, 1972 claimed to be God's prophet.


Joseph Smith

Left: Joseph Smith (12/23/1805 -- 06/27/1844).

The main problem with Mormonism are the false prophecies made by Joseph Smith , men becoming gods (Adam was orginally a man and became a god and is the one god over planet earth--yes, they believe in billions of finite gods and goddesses; Mormon Catechism on page 13 states there are more gods than one God), open view of God, etc. They deny the Ontological Trinity and the eternal pre-existent Christ. Joseph Smith prophesied that Christ would return and the world would end around 1891 or 1892 (see History of the Church, Vol. 2. pg. 182). Joseph Smith prophesied that people live on the moon who are 6 feet in height, live to be 1,000 years old and dress like Quakers. There are over 100 different denominations (who claim to be the "true Mormon church"), but the one you will probably encounter is in Salt Lake City, Utah (the people are very nice, honorable and stand up for family values and the Constitution--they have just been misled like many so-called Christian Churches in this country that will not even take stand for righteousness).

7th Day Adventists

Ellen G. White

Left: Ellen G. White (11/26/1827 -- 07/16/1915)

The main problem with 7th Day Adventism with Protestants is Ellen G. White claiming she was a Prophetess. The African-Americans should be aware that Ellen G. White taught amalgamation--that is, that the colored races were the result of men having intercourse with animals and that black people were the result of screwing with guerillas; they were half-human and half-animal.

Campbellism and the Church of Christ

Alexander Campbell

Left: Alexander Campbell (09/12/1788 -- 03/04/1865)

Campbellism and the Church of Christ - PDF

Campbellism and the Church of Christ (direct link for foreign translation)


Black Liberal Theology

The Truth about Black Liberal Theology—PDF

The Black Liberation Theology; the enemy within – PDF

Black Liberal Theology (link to translate into foreign languages)

The Moonies

Mr. Moon also made false prophecies. Mr. Moon taught that the Lord of the Second Advent would be revealed in 1967. Once this failed, 1980 and 1982 was picked--this also did not come true; it was another failed prophecy. Mr. Moon claimes to be a physical manifestation of the divine principle in human form--the same concept as Eastern religions, that is, the yin and yang.

Fact Sheet on the Moonies

New Age Movement

SCP Journal 2013

The New Age Movement -- PDF

The New Age Movement (direct link for foreign translation)

Profile of The New Age Movement from (Watchman Fellowship)--PDF

Spiritual Counterfeits Project (SCP)

Roman Catholic Friends Looking for Biblical Answers

Return to Rome_Dr. Francis BeckwithDebate: See Free 7-part video of a scholarly debate between Protestant Apologist Dr. Robert A. Morey and Roman Catholic Apologist Dr. Robert Fastiggi entitled Geneva vs. Rome

What about Protestants that Converted to Roman Catholicism?

Eastern Orthodoxy Friends Looking for Biblical Answers

(For foreign translation of the articles above, go to Faith Defenders website. PDF files cannot be translated by Google. Also, for more information on World Religions, go to the Apologetics Tab; for information on the Occults, go to Faith Defenders tab The Cults and the Occult articles.)

What is happening in the Evangelical Churches?


A quote from Professor Arthur Noble from his article entitled E(uro)cumenism: The European Union and the Ecumenical Movement (Part I): "The EU is advancing by stealth towards John XXIII's goal of a Roman Catholic superstate. Having already achieved the almost complete destruction of communism, it must now continue to undermine the bastions of Western democracy to achieve its aim. The ultimate implication of this goal is the destruction of Protestantism...

The specific institutions which prevent the Vatican from securing domination and carrying out its "peace" plan in the free nations are two: the Church of England, which dominates the Constitution of the United Kingdom and is nominally Protestant – the Monarch being Defender of the Faith – and the United States Constitution, which similarly guarantees freedom of religion but by the opposite method of preventing a union of Church and State....

Rome is aided and abetted in this task by those so-called Protestant Churches which have treacherously jettisoned the principles of their Reformation-based articles of faith to associate with, condone and seek compromise with the beliefs and practices of the very Church whose Head they once regarded as the Man of Sin."

Also, see E(uro)cumenism: The European Union and the Ecumenical Movement (Part II) and another quote from the Professor: "Having succeeded in the task of perverting the Reformation faith of these Churches, the Vatican, through the EU, its declared "[Roman] Catholic Confederation of States", is now turning its attention to the undermining of the legal structures which established the very basis of the constitutional freedom of the Church of England from the Roman See – the Magna Carta of 1215."

False Doctrines, Heretics & Sell Outs Exposed in the Evangelical Church

John Calvin by HolbeinMartin Luther by Cranach

Portait of John Calvin (07/10/1509 - 05/27/1564) by Hans Holbein & Martin Luther (11/10/1483 - 02/18/1546) by Lucas Cranach. These were Godly Men of God. Also, see Libel Against Luther by Dr. Peter Hammond.

American Evangelicals, Protestants, Pentecostals, Catholics, Orthodox, etc. supporting U.S. Domestic & Foreign Policies (such as funding terrorist groups & the overthrow of Ukraine by Globalists--U.S. & Western Europe--thru NGOs that are directed by the State Department) regardless if they are Anti-God and Anti-Biblical and Evil U.S. Leaders--this is called blind Patriotism/Nationalism and is condemned in the Bible.

President PutinIs Obama a dictator?

President Valdimir Putin supports Biblical Values such as Marriage -- the U.S. Curses the Bible

The Gandhi Nobody Knows

  • Hunterdon Central High School banner with Gandhi saying

    "You must be the change you wish to see in the World"--Gandhi

  • Note: We had to chuckle when they saw Gandhi’s name on a banner in the cafeteria by the Field House at Hunterdon Central High School on June 11, 2005 when attending an event (The Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Hunterdon Central sponsored an event: Got Truth?--a summer kick-off concert--PDF). Gandhi was a sex pervert who gave rectal enemas to teenage girls and was a pious fraud- -read page 2 in the article titled: The Gandhi Nobody Knows--PDF. The Gandhi Nobody Knows (ISBN# 0-8407-5871-5). Also, see Tal Brooke's, who studied in India under famous Gurus such as Sai Baba (YouTube video). Tal Brooke is an alumni of Princeton University and his parents were diplomats.

  • The Gandhi Nobody Knows by Richard Grenier Excerpt on back of book: "The film grotesquely distorts both Gandhi's life and character to the point that it is nothing more than a pious fraud."

"Gandhi is a morality tale centered on a saintly, sanitized Mahatma Gandhi cleansed of anything too embarrassingly Hindu (the word 'caste' is not mentioned) and, indeed, of most of the rest of Gandhi's life, much of which would drastically diminish his saintliness in Western eyes."

"Gandhi, held in popular myth to be a pure pacifist, was until 50 not ill-disposed to war at all. During the fearsome rioting in Calcutta he gave his approval to men "using violence in a moral cause.'"

"In this ecumenical age, it is extremely hard to shake Westerners loose from the notion that the devout of all religions worship 'the one God.' But Gandhi did not worship the one God. He did not worship the God of mercy. He did not worship the God of forgiveness. In Hinduism men do not pray to God for forgiveness,and a man's sins are never forgiven--indeed, there is no one out there to do the forgiving."

"The plain fact is that both Indian leaders and the Indian people ignored Gandhi's precepts."

To purchase The Gandhi Nobody Knows go to some of the popular book stores.

  • Face Book Bans Gandhi's quote about being armed on Dec. 28, 2012

    However, Gandhi should be complimented on his defense of citizens having arms.

  • Martin Luther King, Jr., a great man, stands against Gay Marriage & the KKK in the Democratic Party (Dr. King was also denied a Gun Permit by the White Democrats--download the DVD film No Guns for Negroes & see the Second Amendment Tab)

  • Martin Luther King Jr., Washington march on August 28, 1963Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. states, "If You are Gay; You are a Psycho"--he stated this in Ebony magazine in 1958 and recently published in Godfather Politics (2014). See video on Dr. King's position that is located on Pastor Dr. James Manning's website and go to video entitled If you are Gay; you are a Pyscho--YouTube (2014).
  • Note: Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican because back in the 1960s the KKK was an arm of the Democratic Party. Of course, both parties (Republican & Democrat) have sold out to the Globalists except for the few (see Politics/Voting Tab).

Video: The Democratic Party's Dirty Secret (03/08/14) --Jon Bowne investigates the mass amnesia associated with the indisputable connection between the Ku Klux Klan and the Democratic Party as well as its long history of murder, torture and voting coercion and Alex explains how the Democrats’ history ties into their current race-based, divide and conquer platform.

  • Dr. James Manning--are we better off after the Civil Rights Act?
  • Dr. James Manning: Are we Better Off after the Civil Rights Act? (04/10/14)--see video.
  • Larry Pinkney

    See YouTube interview (08/11/12) on the Alex Jones Show with "Black Panther Veteran" Larry Pinkney who Warns of A Trojan Horse Named Obama, who was groomed by the CIA and signed the Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in 2011---a U.S. Citizen can now be Incarcerated indefinitey with no charges!

  • Dr. James Manning--are we better off after the Civil Rights Act? King David Charles and King David Koch

    King Charles And King David Koch Mind Control The Tea Party & have been Protecting President Barack Obama (former CIA) because they are One-Worlders/Globalists working with both (Democrat and Republican) establishment parties behind the scenes according to Dr. James Manning of Harlem, NY. The Koch brothers gave more money to the Democratic Party and helped finance former President Clinton's campaign--see video presentation on who is Controlling the Tea Party by Dr. James Manning (2014).

    There are good and authentic Tea Party members that reject the control of the one-worlders and Wall Street and care about the poor, middle-class, against free-trade agreements that are shipping our jobs overseas, against the banks exploiting the U.S. citizens, draconian drug laws, defend the Constitution, Bill of Rights and fight against all forms of racism (elect these people to office).

Billy Graham Gets Rebuked by Dr. John MacArthur & Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Dr. Martin Lloyd_Jones

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (12/20/1889 to 03/01/1981)--the premiere evangelical preacher and theologian and medical doctor in London, Westminster Chapel--would not attend any of Billy Graham’s crusades. At the request of Billy Graham, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones had a two hour meeting with him. Billy Graham asked him why he would not attend his crusades. Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones response to Billy Graham was that the Bible gave him no authority to manipulate people, psychologically massage the audience and to emotionally overcome them to make all these false converts.

Needless to say Billy Graham was upset and a close member of the Billy Graham family called Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones two days later and almost cursed him out. They told Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones that it took them several days to get Billy straightened out. This is why less than 1% of all the people who walked down the aisle after the alter call at his Crusades ever made it into a church--this has been admitted by the Billy Graham Association. The other people were signed, sealed and delivered into perdition over a false assurance. It should be noted that so-called carnal Christians per Bible are not saved. Finney invented this third category of human beings called “carnal Christians.” The two Greek words, sarkikos and sarkos are different Greek words. According to Apostle Paul (Romans 8), if you are carnal, you are dead. There is either the “natural” or the “spiritual”—you are either “saved” or “lost”. The word “carnal” means dead, not saved! (See the Witnessing Tab for information on the History of Evanglism and how to witness.)

The Truth about the New Pope Francis, John Paul II on Fire for Christ and Response to Maranatha High School in CA and the Dumb Evangelicals Praising both of them

Pope Francis

Rick Warren and His False Teachings & What about Joel Osteen?

Perfect Peace Plan

Rick Warren's "Perfect Peace Plan" exposed as anti-Christian by James Sundquist

Evangelicals taking Money from Korean Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the Rockefeller Fund and CIA Connections and Exposing KONY 2012

Rockefeller Brother Fund

Psychology and the Church

Psychoheresy.jpg      12 Steps to Destruction.jpgFour Temperaments.jpgSchool Theology 2008.jpg

  • Psychology and the Church--Did you know that occult and New Age authors boldly brag that the human founding fathers of Psychotherapy and Psychology received their understandings from “familiar spirits”? See FAQ Tab and go to Question 19 for more information on this subject.
  • PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries--the Christian ministry of Dr. Martin and Deidre Bobgan.
  • Secular Psychology and "Christian" Psychology Versus Biblical Counseling
  • Don't Let Your Child See a Psychiatrist. Ever (naive Evangelicals sending their kids to Psychiatrists with the encouragement of Ministers who have their head in the sand--I would like to use another word to describe these Pastors. It also goes on your childrens' record--yes, when they apply for a government job, especially law enforcement, it could be used against them. This happened to a young lady in NJ who applied for a job as an investigator for the Prosecutor's Office.)
  • An article from Tektonics Apologetics Ministries refuting L. Ray Smith's position that there is no "eternal torment". Ray is an annihilationist, universalist, denies the trinity and is a moron. If he does not repent, he will find out that there is a hell.   

Pre-Tribulation Cult Worship & Misled Prophecy Gurus (Cahn & Price)

Pre-Tribulation Fraud ExposedThe End of the World According to Jesus by Dr. Robert A Morey

Worldwide Church of God (renamed Grace Communion International) still refuses to publicly admit that Herbert Armstrong was a False Prophet (see Exit & Support Network and article entitled Neil Earle Whitewashes Herbert Armstrong, who is pastor of New Covenant Fellowship in Glendora, Ca). What about the Sabbath, Lost Ten Tribes & Ceremonial Laws vs. Moral Laws, soul sleep, annihilationism, etc.

Ambassador College and Auditorium in Pasadena, CA
(NJIAT Copyright@1991 of Ambassador Auditorium, Worldwide Church of God)--renamed Grace Communion International on 04/15/09. Campus of the now-closed Ambassador College and Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena, CA. The former college campus was sold by the city in 2004.

Feast of Tabernalces in CAAmbassador Auditorium

Left: (NJIAT Copyright@1991 Feast of Tabernacles celebration by the Worldwide Church of God in Pasedena, CA 1991); Right: (NJIAT Copyright@1991, Ambassador Auditorim)

This was during a annual 1991 Feast of Tabernacles holiday -- an annual Sabbath holiday that the former Worldwide Church of God renamed Grace Communion International on 04/15/09 celebrated because Armstrong thought this was commanded under the "New Covenant". We are not under the "Mosaic Covenant"-- there are four (4) covenants in the Old Testatment (see There are 4 (four) Covenants in the Bible that most Christians do not understand and 9 Part article series on the Sabbath.) The new pastor general Joseph W. Tkach, Sr., who took over after Armstrong died--praise the Lord--on 01/17/1986, made changes and went Protestant/Evangelical/Biblical and knew Armstrong's doctrine and Gospel was false (a false Gospel is a false church), but disobeyed God by trying to delay the truth to the organization. Joseph W. Tkach, Sr. died in 1995 of colon cancer and his son (Tkach, Jr.) took over.

A Shocking Lack of Discernment: Promoting the Heresies of Herbert W. Armstrong

Helpful websites for Ex-Worldwide Church of God Members

Jim Staley (Passion for Truth Ministries, who published the DVD entitled "Identity Crisis--Discovering your True Biblical Identity") and many other misled or false ministers in the "Identity Movement" or "Hebrew Roots Movement" (they are not going to the Hebrew Roots of Christianity, but rather back to the "Old Covenant/Mosaic Covenant", which is condemned in Galatians) are just repeating what Herbert W. Armstrong taught--of course, not all the ministers that teach the "Lost Ten Tribes" adhere to all of Armstrong's heretical teachings, who published the "Plain Truth" magazine--

  • 12 Tribes of Israel during Joshua's timeThe United States and Britain in Prophecy by Herbert Armstrong
  • British-Israelism, Anglo-Israelism Refuted!
  • I. Herbert Armstrong was a big promoter of the "Lost Ten Tribes of Israel" (which Armstrong plagiarized from J. H. Allen's book Judah's Scepter & Joseph's Birthright for his United States & Britain in Prophecy book) and tried to equate these tribes with being the United States (the tribe of Manasseh), England (the tribe of Ephraim) and the rest of the lost tribes of Israel being most of the Western European nations (Norway, Sweden, Finneland, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Ireland)--there were actually a total of 13 tribes (the tribe of Levi, which had no inheritance). Yes, it is correct that the House of Israel (that was invaded by the Assyrians in 732 B.C.) was distinct from the House of Judah (invaded by the Babylonians in 586 B.C and later by the Romans in 70 A.D). Because you have lost tribes spread around the world, this does not imply that all the Western Europeans are Israelites--it is stupid. Although Jim Staley did clarify he does not believe all Western Europeans are Israelites and that no one might never know who is and who is not an Israelite, nevertheless, it is ridiculous for Staley to equate understanding who your Biblical identity is by knowing who the "Lost Ten Tribes of Israel" are if one is gong to understand the Bible. This is what the Bible calls false knowledge (Herbert Armstrong taught he had the "keys" to unlock Biblical prophecy because he knew the true identity of the American and British people). If you want to understand what your Biblical identity is, go to the Book of Genesis--Adam and Eve were created perfect and in the image of God, but when they disobeyed God, they could no longer keep the law perfectly. As a result, all of mankind is born into sin because they are descendants of Adam and Eve--this is why Yeshua (the second Adam, who was fully God and man) came to the earth 2,000 years ago to die on the cross.
  • II. All these false teachers do the following:
  • 1. They put you in bondadge to the Old Covenant/Mosaic Covenant and Ceremonial laws such as the food laws, the Jewish Feast Days (Armstrong picked this up from G.G. Rupert), Sabbath, (see 9 part series on Is the Sabbath for Today?), Circumcision, etc. Did not Apostle Paul say this was not required on the Gentiles? Is Apostle Paul against the law?--see Acts 15; Galatians 2:1-35:1-116:11-161 Corinthians 7:17-20Colossians 2:8-12Philippians 3:1-3; the Old Covenant (with 613 commandments) is obsolete because the Messiah issued in the New Covenant 2,000 years ago that did not do away with the moral law, but now writes them in the heart of true believers (born again/born from above)--see Jer. 31:33 and Heb. 8:10. Christ fullfilled the whole law.
  • 2. Christ/Yeshua's death and resurrection is not the primary message--no Gospel (or teach a works based salvation, which is a false Gospel--see Galatians 1:8, "If anyone proclaims to you a gospel contrary to what you received, let that person be condemned! " (ISV),
  • 3. False ministers such as Herbert Armstrong denied the following Biblical doctrines:
  • A. the Trinity (Armstrong had an odd definition--Holy Spirit is a force) and denied that Christ's body was resurrected on the cross. "The Son of God, (was) now no longer human, but composed of SPIRIT - a Spirit Being,” and that “Christ’s body did disappear.  Christ was raised as a divine spirit being!” (WCG reprint, “If You Die...Will You Live Again?”, p. 5),
  • B. did not teach the ungodly are justified "solely" (i.e. "only") through faith in Jesus Christ. It is "imputed righteousness." Armstrong taught that the message about the Kingdom of God was about government. Really? I did not know one is saved by believing in a government--what an asshead. (See FAQ Tab, Q7 & Q8),
  • C. had to keep the Sabbath (Saturday) to be a true Christian or one would receive the Mark of the Beast (666),
  • D. taught that God was reproducing himself--we are going to become god's. In other words, obtain deity and become a member of the God family (Ambassador College Correspondence Course, Lesson 8, p. 10). This sounds like the lie that Satan told Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden that they would become like God (see the Book of Genesis); the Mormons have a similiar teaching,
  • E. one had to belong to the one true church (the Worldwide Church of God in his case and had to obey the lying bastard (Herbert Armstrong, who claimed he was God's only Apostle in the 20th century) who took medication while he told his cult they could not take medication--he is a murderer. Armstrong also taught he was in the Philadelphia Church Era and taught what the true name of God's church should be and his false understanding of God's Government (picked up from G.G. Rupert)--one had to obey government (Armstrong's satanic false church government in his case) in order to make it to the end and have salvation; you could loose your salvation and be annihilated if you did not obey government. Armstrong equated the "Kingdom of God" with government--however, the Bible teaches that "The Kingdom of God" refers to the present spiritual realities of salvation (Romans 14:17, states "For the Kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost"),
  • F. one had to be baptized into the true church--could only receive the Holy Spirit and be saved if you were baptized into the true church (what about the thief on the cross)--see article on Campbellism by Dr. Morey on whether baptism saves a person.
  • g. one should not celebrate Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Cannot Vote (see Politics/Voting Tab) because they came from pagan origins (it is a logical fallacy to equate true Christians celebrating Christ's birth (even if it did take place in October) with practicing what the pagans did with the day thousands of years ago (also, the members could not be a police officer, be in the military, and could not defend themselves, especially with a gun),
  • H. denied that people who rejected Christ went to hell and will be eternally tormented (click for article on Sheol, Hades, Gehenna), but rather got annilhilated like a dog and so on. Armstrong also taught a form of universalism--most people are not called in this generation and since Adam & Eve and the majority of humanity will have their chance for salvation in the Millenium when they are resurrected and have the best possible chance to earn salvation--totally contrary to the Bible (Hebrews 9:27). See the College Students Tab for details on legalism.

What a lot of misled ministers or false ministers do is teach a truth and then lead you into error on other doctrines. For example, the Nephilim (Genesis 6) are always referred to as "mighty men of old", "men of renown", "giants" or "fallen ones".  Why were the males called "sons of God" and the women "daughters of men"?--see FAQ Tab, Q13. Yes, they are half-human/half-demon mutants. Nephilim is a truth being taught in addition to pointing out the distinction between the House of Israel and House of Judah and how the Sabbath was on Saturday--these are truths that are used by false minsters who have knowledge with no understanding to get biblically unlearned people into false doctrines. (Jim Staley is not the first one to teach on who the Nephilim are.) However, who the Nephilim are has been taught many years ago by Biblical Evangelicals such as Dr. Robert A. Morey, Tal Brooke, Chuck Missler--many Rabbis also taught about the Nephilim. Jim Staley is mentioned in his Identity Crisis video that ministers sitting in his audience were never taught these things in seminary and how the ministers are learning so much under Jim. There is not doubt in my mind that your so-called Protestant seminaries (many Protestant seminaries have gone apostate) are not teaching that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, Hermaneutics, Hebrew, Greek, Apologetics, Church History, Why Greek Philosophy (Natural Law, Natural Theology) is anti-Biblical, etc. and this could be the reason the ministers sitting in Jim's presentation are falling for his aberrant and false teachings.

Legalism and being in a cult are two different things although most cults that call them themselves Christian are Legalistic the difference being is that a cult has a "False Gospel", which makes them a "False Church"; in other words, a cult will deny some major doctrine such as justification by faith alone thru Christ alone, the ontological trinity, must obey the leader instead of Christ (they put themselves above the Bible in authority), etc.

Apostle Paul's Areopagus addressStudies in the Atonement by Dr. Robert A. Morey

Apostle Paul in Athens by Raphael (1483-1520) & Studies in the Atonement

If a Christian wants to keep the Sabbath (Saturday or Sunday--the real Sabbath is on Saturday) and not eat certain foods, this is allowed per Bible (do not violate your consciense). Keep the day to the Lord. However, when Christians start telling other Christians they have to keep these things, they are in the wrong. There are many dedicated true Christians that keep the Sabbath (Sunday or Saturday) and believe they are justified soley (i.e. only) throught faih in Christ (imputed righteousness--Romans 4:8 & 4:22-24), by grace alone and accept the full deity of Christ/Yeshua and the triune God. And believe that Yeshua, after He was crucified on the cross, was raised from the dead on the 3rd day with a glorified body and sits on the right hand of the Father. No salvation is possible by any other name under Heaven except Yeshua and the wicked will be eternally condemned (Acts 4:12).

The danger is when people think salvation is only possible if you keep the Sabbath (Saturday) or have to be baptised as an infant or baptised only thru their organization and this is taught in many cults such as Herbert Armstrong (all Sunday worshipers had the Mark of the Beast 666 according to Armstrong and one had to be baptised in his organization to receive the Holy Spirit and could be annihilated if one did not obey his government) and the splinter groups of the Worldwide Church of God.

Note: The Jewish Sabbath was kept from Sunset to Sunset (Leviticus 23: 27-32) and it cannot be kept in the North and South Poles because 6-months out of the year the sun appears above the horizon; of course, some Sabbatarians will argue that the Sabbath could just mean a 24-hour period--either way it was ceremonial and is not binding on all people, but was part of the Old Covenant giving to ancient Israel only. The Sabbath is not a creation ordinance--God never commanded man to keep the Sabbath in Genesis. See 9 Part article series on the Sabbath.

If a person thinks they are justified by keeping the law and obeying some leader or organization (the leader puts themselves above the authority of the Bible) and deny the fundamentals of the Christian faith (the Bible) such as the Trinity (deity of Christ), the death and resurrection of Christ for our sins, eternal torment of the unbeliever, deny that a person is justified solely (i.e. only) through faith in Christ (imputed righteousness), not by works, then they are not saved and are on their way to eternal condemnation (see FAQ tab, Question 7 & 8). Yes, you have to be born again/born from above.

If a true Christian who was justified by faith, but is trying to be sanctified by the law before Christ instead of living by faith, then the Christian is basically living under the law--in other words, a Christian was saved by grace, but trying to be sanctified by the law. This does not imply living without the law, which is sin (see below for further details). Matthew 5:17, "Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil." (KJV, Cambridge Edition). This verse was not referring to individual laws, but the Scriptures. A misunderstanding by many in the Evangelical community.

It is retrogressive to turn back to the Old Testament laws and be under the "beggarly elements". The ceremonial law is not a reflection of God's character. It is didactic in the prophectic sense of prefiguring the work of the Annointed One--the ceremonies are said to be "only a shadow of good things to come and not the very form itself" (Heb. 10:1) and "imposed until a time of reformation" (Heb. 9:10). Included in the Old Covenant was the Sabbath (it is not a creation ordinance and was never commanded in Genesis) that was given only to ancient Israel--the universal/moral laws (it reflects some aspect of the moral character of God and is universally binding on all men in all ages) were given by "Yahwah" for all mankind, not just ancient Israel and these existed before the Old Covenant. See Commentary on Galatians by Martin Luther [hardcover, ISBN 0-8007-1702-3 (Introduction by D. Stuart Briscoe--you want this specific copy) that covers what these false divinity teachers taught (Luther rightfully called them "senseless asses"). Martin Luther (11/10/1483 to 02/18/1546).

There were 4 Covenants given by Yahweh: 1. The Noahic Covenant, 2. The Abrahamic Covenant (the land or so-called Palestinian Covenant is part of the Abrahmic Covenant, not a separate Covenant), 3. The Mosaic Covenant (the so-called Davidic Covenant and Solomon are personal applications of the Mosaic Covenant, therefore, they are not separate Covenants), 4. The New Covenant (everlasting).

Note: The other Covenants such as the New Covenant does not nullify the other Covenants--the only Covenant nullified was the Mosaic Covenant as stated in the New Testament (see Matt. 26:27-28; Heb. 3:1-6).

How the Old and New Testament Relate to Each OtherThe Bible: Intelligent Design or Chance?Dr. Anne Morey-The Biblical Discipleship Program for Women

How the Old and New Testaments Relate to Each Other & The Bible: Intelligent Design or Chance? & The Biblical Discipleship Program for Women by Dr. Anne Morey

There were 4 Covenants given by Yahweh to man: 1. The Noahic Covenant, 2. The Abrahamic Covenant, 3. The Mosaic Covenant, 4. The New Covenant. According to Dr. Robert A. Morey in his book entitled How the Old and New Testaments Relate to Each Other, page 70, "Most despensationalists simply assert that there are eight (8) covenants but they never tell us how they relate one to another. Neither do they supply any exegetical proof for the existense of the Edenic and Adamic covenants. I have yet to receive an answer to the question, 'Since the Bible nowhere mentions an Edenic or Adamic covenant, where is the exegetical justification for listing them?' " Many dispensationalists use the Scofield Reference Bible to prove such nonsense. Covenant theology also makes the mistake of denying the diversity of the biblical covenants. There is nothing in Scripture which speaks of an "everlasting covenant of grace" made in heaven between the Father and the Son. A covenant is a space/time event and entered in with a specific person. Only the New Covenant is called "everlasting" because it will never become obsolete like the Old Covenant (Jer. 32:40 & Heb. 13:20). Charles Hodges listed 4 covenants in the Bible. It depends on how you divide things.

"However, in the past, when you did not know God, you were slaves to things that are not really gods at all. But now you turn back again to those powerless and bankrupt basic principles? Why do you want to become their slaves all over again? You are observing days, months, seasons, and years. I am afraid for you, lest somehow my work for you has been wasted!" (Galatians 4:8-11 ISV.) The Old Covenant (a legal contract made in time/space) was defective, not the Old Testament (a literary document). The Israelites were under a tutor/law--they were told how to dress, what to eat, how to cut their hair, how to worship by a highly structured liturgy, etc. This is not in the New Testament. The New Testament gives believers moral directives to apply to all of life, but does not give us minute directions as in the Old Testament. Galatians states:

    "Tell me, those of you who want to live under the law: Are you really listening to what the law says? For it is written that Abraham had two sons, one by a slave woman and the other by a free woman. Now the son of the slave woman  was conceived according to the flesh, but the son of the free woman was conceived through a promise. This is being said as and allegory, for these women represent two covenants. The one woman, Hagar, is from Mount Sinai, and her children are born into slavery. Now Hagar is Mount Sinai in Arabia and corresponds to present-day Jerusalem, because she is in slavery along with her children. But the heavenly Jerusalem is the free woman, and she is our mother". (Galatians 4:21-26 ISV.) 

    Typical examples of legalism (under the law—see Rom. 3:20, 28; 7:1-6; Gal. 3:1-5; 4:4-5):

    1. Sabbatarianism, which the Reformers such as Calvin and Luther believed it was ceremonial and no longer binding (see 9 Part article series on the Sabbath)--don't misunderstand, there is nothing wrong if a Chrstian or congregation wants to set a day apart for worship, but it should not be a burden;

    2. Abstinence from alcohol (Alcoholic Beverages in the Bible--PDF or Alcoholic Beverages in the Bible); Prohibition began on Jan. 19, 1920 (the 18th Amendment); as a result, it tripled alcoholism. Unfortunately, the FBI--according to ListVerse documents--deliberately poisoned alcohol by adding methane, formaldehyde, ammonia, and even arsenic and kerosene in attempt to enforce prohibition laws (see Infowars Magazine, Vol. 3. Issue 2, Oct. 2014, page 22.) Young people should be taught moderation--Spain is a good example;

    3. Cannot eat Shellfish or Pork (see Is it okay for Christians to eat pork and shellfish?--Mark 7:18)--also, see Whole Health Tab;

    3. No dancing; and

    4. Cannot go to the movies (probably influenced by a false strain of Platonic thinking). 

    The above does not imply "antinomianism" (without the law), which is sin (see John 14:15) or "perfectionism" (above the law)--see 1 John 1:8-10), “Positionalism” (no holiness in life-see Heb. 12:14; I John 2:4, 6), “Passivism” (let go, let God—see Phil. 2:12; Col. 1:29; Gal. 2:20),  “Mysticism” (over-emphasis on Holy Spirit—see Isa. 8:20; John 16:7-15), “Rationalism” (under-emphasis on the Holy Spirit—see I Cor. 2:14; Eph. 5:18),  and “Carnal Christianity” (heresy—see Gal. 5:19-21; Eph. 5:5-7;1 John 3:7-8).

No Christian church is perfect and you might have dedicated and Godly people that were not given the amount of grace or understanding in certain areas--they are called blind spots. However, Christians should correct themselves if God (by the Holy Spirit and Bible) is giving them understanding and clarification on Biblical doctrine in those areas mentioned above. The Holy Spirit never contradicts the Bible. The Bible is the ultimate authority/ final authority for doctrine. (Recommended book on this difficult subject entitled How the Old & New Testaments Relate to each Other by Dr. Robert A. Morey.)

Note: There is a distinction betweent legalism and a cult--legalism and being in a cult are two different things although most cults that call them themselves Christian are legalistic the difference being is that they have a "False Gospel", which makes them a "False Church"; in other words, a cult will deny some major doctrine such as justification by faith alone thru Christ alone, the ontological trinity, must obey the leader instead of Christ (leaders have limited authority per God--go to the Voting/Politics Tab and see What about the State's Authority over a Citizen?), etc.

Gentile nations surrounding Ancient Israel were judged on the Moral Laws, not the Ceremonial Laws in the Old/Mosaic Covenant--there were 6 Covenants given by Yahweh mentioned above

The Gentile nations were not judged on the ceremonial parts of the law [the ceremonial law is not a reflection of God's character. It is didactic in the prophectic sense of prefiguring the work of the Annointed One--the ceremonies are said to be "only a shadow of good things to come and not the very form itself" (Heb. 10:1) and "imposed until a time of reformation" (Heb. 9:10)] included in the Old/ Mosaic Covenant such as the Sabbath that was given only to ancient Israel, but were judged on the universal/moral laws (it reflects some aspect of the moral character of God and is universally binding on all men in all ages) given by "Yahwah" for all mankind, not just ancient Israel and these existed before the Old/Mosaic Covenant. Sodom and Gomorrah and many other Gentile nations were judged by "Yahwah" on the moral laws-- murder, sodomy, bestiality, adultery, stealing, fornication, child sacrifice, child sex, idolatry, sorcery, corrupt judicial system, oppressing the poor and so on. It should be noted that the Bible never makes a distinction between moral and civil law--both were fulfilled by Christ. (See the following books written Dr. Robert A. Morey who is a Greek and Hebrew scholar and a Talmudic scholar entitled How the Old and New Testaments Relate to Each Other , Trinity: Evidence and Issues,Studies in the Atonement, The End of the World According to Jesus , Death and the Afterlife and Dr. Bob's free sermons and articles on these important subjects located at Faith Defenders.)


How the Old and New Testament Relate to Each OtherTrinity by Dr. Robert A. MoreyStudies in the Atonement by Dr. Robert A. Morey

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